(Other Symbolic Net Beasts & a Very Hopeful Psalm)

{{Introduction: In PART ONE of THE CURS-ED NET, Richard Stout analyzed many aspects of astrology, including the constellations of Orion, as well as the Pleiades, which itself is ensconced within Taurus (The Bull,) as one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. All of these concepts had been mentioned in THE HOLY BIBLE, and part of the analysis centered around how these very concepts were connected to the Fallen Angels, (including the evil spirits,) with Satan as the head of these very dark forces, who somehow were thrown down to their “SECOND ESTATE,” which also interfaces with our very reality. They interfere with our spiritual development by influencing us to become entrapped within their very “CURS-ED NET making this nefarious net a metaphorical double-edged sword.

This second part will focus in on two of the beasts mentioned in ‘The Book of Job,’ namely the BEHEMOTH & LEVIATHAN. The major concepts that will be developed here include the following:

1) Using an analysis of selected verses in Job, chapter 40, the Behemoth will be looked upon as the symbolic combination of all the “earthbound” evil spirits who emanated from the original “GIANTS” of Gen 6:4.
2) The Leviathan (Job 41) will likewise symbolize all the other forces (including the Fallen Angels) whose domain is the sea (or really the expanse of outer space) and whose leader is Satan.
3) Your relationship with Jesus Christ will be a litmus test to see how these symbolic monsters can negatively impact on your life.
4) Many of these verses from both chapters, 40 & 41, will reinforce the concepts developed in PART ONE.
5) The last item discussed will involve the relevance of Psalm 91 from Richard’s perspective.
6) At the end of PART TWO, in the “FINAL REMARKS OF LeBeau,” I will reinforce the importance of this subject, both from a scriptural point of view, as well as a Ufological perspective. ENJOY!}}


The behemoth of Job 40 is one of two mysterious creatures mentioned in this holy scripture that is symbolic of many living creatures, which make up the body of which is called THE BEAST. The behemoth is symbolic of the earthbound creatures, namely, the evil spirits who once themselves were behemoths (the Giants) as related in the Ethiopian Book of Enoch (1 Enoch.) When the Giants passed, their spirits became the unclean earthbound spirits which make up part of the body of the living Beast. {{These are the very unclean spirits that are mentioned in the New Testament, of whom Jesus & His disciples had cast out.}} (The other part of this living Beast body will be discussed in the section on the ‘Leviathan.’ Satan, of course, is in charge of ‘ALL’ parts of the living Beast.


VERSE 15: “Look at the behemoth, which I made along with you and which feeds on grass like an ox.

‘Behemoth’ in general is “something large in size& power.” In Hebrew we have (behemot) which means “intensive, and is the pleural of (behema) for “beast.” The expression, like an ox, is only resembling an ox, but not an ox in appearance & form.

‘Ox’ in Greek is (tauros) & in Latin (Taurus.) In Hebrews 9:13 & 10:4, the “bull” Paul refers to (may very well be the zodiac sign for TAURUS – THE BULL.) The ‘bull’ (in decoding the zodiac signs) stands for the Beast, the body of which plays a part hereon earth as its habitat, and also belongs in the sky – the ‘Leviathan’ space as the other part of the Beast. The evil spirits are that part of the body here on earth (behemoth) and the Fallen Angels are the part of the body of the Beast that lives in the heavens.

As mentioned before, the evil spirits are the product of the Giants (1 Enoch 15:8,) which states the following: “Now the giants, who have been born of spirit and of flesh, shall be called upon earth evil spirits, and on earth shall be their habitation. Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh because they were created from above; from the holy watchers (now Fallen Angels) was their beginning and primary foundation. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who are born on earth.

Behemoth, the land beast, is part of the body of the whole beast, which contains the evil spirits. Evil spirits came from the giants (also Gen 6:4) are the ‘nephilim’ who themselves are (were) “behemoths” – a true symbolism!

Let’s take a look at Enoch 15:2: “Wherefore you have forsaken the lofty and holy heaven, which endures forever, and have lain with women; (you) have defiled yourselves with the daughters of men; (you) have taken to yourselves wives; (you) have acted like the sons of the earth, and have begotten an impious offspring?

Now looking at the word “impious,” we can see how symbolically it refers to the character of the beast here on earth, and what sort of agenda it may introduce. ‘Impious’ in general is “lacking reverence” (i.e., not holy or good.) ‘Imp’ in general explains quite a bit involving their character & actions here on earth. Let’s now take a look at some of the things that the evil spirits are involved in.


1) A samall demon
2) As Obsolete – a “graft.”
3) To furnish with wings (as a mode of transportation.).)
4) In Middle English, we have the words impe, scion, & sprig, which mean offspring (of the giants;)
5) In Old English, we have impa – which is a “young shoot” (and could very well symbolize a hybrid or GRAY.)
6) In Greek we have (emphutos) which equals “grafted” < (emphuein,) “to implant” or “to make grow.”

The evil spirits that are living within the living tissue costumes (as hybrids) of the (GRAYS,) and interact with man, are also functioning to deceive man that they exist as aliens. The grafting implants embedded into female abductees actually create these costumes of the living tissue hybrids, which then are possessed by and controlled by the evil spirits. See how the meanings of the word “impious” (then “imp”) opens up the UFO phenomenon picture!)

As we progress into the next group of verses of Job, chapter 40, you will see how these meanings relate to the “impious” works of the evil spirits. The earthly beast – THE BEHEMOTH – thus become part & parcel to the manifestation within the UFO phenomenon. As mentioned above, ‘imp’ mentions being “furnished with wings,” – and is a mode of flight that you will see in the following verses.

VERSE 16: “What strength he has in his loins, what power in the muscles of his belly.

(All through the above and next series of verses, we reflect upon the character and ability and uses that the beast as evil spirits possess.)

‘Strength’ in Greek is (dunamis) which means strength & (ischus) means “ability.” (Kratos) is “force” and for the word ‘might’ it says to see ‘dominion.’

‘Loins’ in Greek (osphus) and in a natural sense means “the seat of generative power.” ‘Generative’ in general is here “having the ability to initiate, produce, procreate; of or relating to the production of offspring.” In this sense, it relates to the production through implantation of the female abductees regarding THE GRAY HYBRIDS, to produce [workers.] These are bodies to be lived in to complete a number of tasks – assigned to its ability.

(So it seems that the evil spirits, together with the Fallen Angels, work toward the same end: they probably both possess the GRAY & REPTILIAN living tissue bodies for this task – a task which includes not only hybrids of this kind, but other creatures as well; there is also the possibility of cloning humans due to the fact that they abduct many people, ‘’only to flay the skin’’ as in (scoop marks!) This latter process seems to be so to gather DNA tissue, and not for creating their kind of hybrids; rather it looks more like human hybrid cloning! This seems to make the most sense.

THE QUESTION BEFORE OUR COURT: are they looking to somehow obtain a human soul/spirit for some use? Maybe it is to try an attempt to free itself of its habitats! Who really knows? At this point in the abduction phenomenon mix, we can only truly guess.
WHAT DO WE KNOW? It seems apparent (especially to anyone who has read the three series to this point, that evil spirits do play a big part in the actions & ability to interact with man as FALSE ALIENS for their own evil purpose. ((To me, it seems obvious that there is not a collage of interacting groups working hand in claw for some grand political inter-galactic purpose; this does not mesh with the ambiance of THE HOLY BIBLE in any way; rather, if you take the demonic element seriously, it has its own inter-activeness that does make sense, especially if we overlay it with ‘The Book of Enoch,’ and how ambition and presumption have led to devastating consequences for so highly created beings! This looks like the long & short of it. To put it even more bluntly: we can fit the ET phenomenon into the demonic scenario, but not the reverse!}}


‘Power’ in Greek (dunamis) has different meanings, and seen via ‘metonymy,’ it reflects (angels) & (persons.) The word ‘dominion’ (mentioned earlier,) comes from the word ‘strength.’ ‘Dominion’ in Greek (kueiotes) denotes “lordship,” and (kurios) is “a lord.” (There are authorities spoken of in the angelic order, including Jude 8, Ephesians & Colassians.) We are discussing a ruler here over the evil spirits (kurieuo) that means “to be lord over, ruler over.” Satan holds the title of “the ruler of this world” as per John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11. His other name is Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons, as per Matt 9:34 & 12:24.

‘Muscles’ in general mean here “power” & “authority” (as in absolute power & authority.) ‘Belly’ in general means “the stomach.” ‘Stomach’ in Greek is (stomachos,) properly a “mouth, an opening,” akin to (stoma) “a mouth.” The Hebrew ‘mouth is (peh) and has a meaning of “utterance; order; command.” ‘Uttter’ in Greek (aphiemi) has a meaning of “to send forth;” also (phthengomai) is “to utter a sound or voice” (as in ‘hauntings’ or hearing ghostly voices or sounds; this also includes those who are possessed and speak by the evil spirit(s) within them.)

Satan also has the power through “command” to “send forth” these evil agencies upon mankind…as in…(a top general orders a command!)

‘Utter’ also means a reference to “mind influence.” This evil knowledge will be expressed into our minds and conveyed through (the mouth) by speaking so that our minds understand something; it is a type of “spiritual gift” people mention that they have received through UFO encounters! (Since UFOs may very well represent the dark side, the knowledge conveyed is evil – per force – so it is projected into the “receivers” to deceive us. {{In “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,” Richard had designated three types of abductees: the donors, the hosts, and the receivers; it is this last type that is being referred to here.}}

Continuing with Job 40:17, “His tail sways like a cedar; the sinews of his thighs are close knit.

‘Tail’ in Greek (oura) has the meaning of “the tail of an animal” (the beast) or (in this case being referenced to the tail of something of the beast evil spirits which is used by them.) Through (las) tail means “the limitation of the inheritance of an estate,” (or, in other words, the evil spirits of the giants, being earthbound, cannot leave the planet outside the atmosphere, so this is their limitation of inheritance because of who they are.)

‘Sways’ in general means here “to exert influence on or control over;” in (Archaic) it is “to rule or govern& “to have dominion over.”


They have the power to sway all of those here on our earth who are not truly seated in a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you believe you have a good relationship with Jesus, and these evil things are troubling you, (via UFO experiences, etc.,) then you must look at this relationship within your heart and truly pray about it; something could be very wrong. It might not be the true relationship that you think it is. (I, Richard, have personally been through this before. If one knows that he or she is doing anything the Lord God “preaches” against {{via THE HOLY BIBLE,}} then something both with God & His Son Jesus needs to be straightened out – the sooner the better!) {{To either read or re-read Richard’s testimonial, go to the following link:}} PT. FOUR:
"Bite of the Serpent".

The word ‘cedar’ symbolizes the beast’s evil powers as they are both lasting & stable, and are not depleted by the evil spirits’ use. This power will last until the Lord Jesus Christ returns and destroys them! On a personal note, their power will cease over you when you personally accept your one true God and the Blessed Savior. Then these spirits will be dealt with for us since we have no direct power over them.

‘Sinews’ means “the strength or power of something.” ‘Thighs’ in Greek (meros) “are emblematic of their strength to tread upon their prey.” ‘Emblematic’ means that the “thighs” stand for a symbolic emblem of their ability to overcome their prey, (i.e., all those who are spiritually destitute!)


‘Close’ in Greek (atusso) means “to double up;” ‘close’ as an adverb (anchi) means “near.” ‘Near’ in Greek (anankaios) = “connected by bonds, intimate.” ‘Bond’ in Greek (desmios) relates “to binding” and denotes “a prisoner,” (whether by “familiar spirits” within us as in the aforementioned ’’receivers’’ or by abduction bodily.)

‘Intimate’ deals with familiar spirits, as per 1 Sam. 28:3,9 (KJV;) {{1 KINGS in Catholic version.}} ‘Knit’ in Greek (sumbibazo) is “to cause to join or knit together.” For more information on “FAMILIAR SPIRITS,” read the following link: SHOW & TELL.

VERSE 18: “His bones are tubes of bronze, his limbs like rods of iron.
‘Bones’ in Hebrew (‘esem) is used as “bone; body; &/or substance; the plural of (‘esem) sometimes signifies one’s” whole being” or the “substance of a thing.” ‘Bone’ in general is “a dense material, or a tissue which forms a skeleton, an anatomically distinct structure.” ‘Anatomical’ means “related to a structure.” (Bone is symbolic of some sort of structure.) ‘Tubes’ in general reflects “a hollow cylinder for fluids or a function as a passage, an organic structure having the shape or function of a tube. (This, then, is representative of a body or structure shaped like a cylinder of bronze “metals.”)
‘Bronze’ in general contains “various alloys, such as copper & tin” and is also characterized as “a moderate yellowish to olive brown “ which “gives the color and appearance of bronze.” According to “Nelson’s Bible Dictionary,” when bronze is mentioned in the Bible, it refers to either copper or bronze (1 Cor. 13:11, Rev. 1:15, 2:18, 9:20.) So bronze, copper and brass all relate to each other, and can be used as the same metal.
‘Brass’ in Greek (chalkos) is primarily “copper,” and became used for metals in general; later it was applied to “bronze.” In the meaning (chalkolibanon,) it reflects “a white or shining copper or bronze.” The word ‘shining’ in Greek (phaino) means “to cause to appear” & “to give light.” (Lampo) has the meaning of “shining as a torch,” whereas (periastrpto) means “to flash around.” (So now we have a body or structure, shaped like a cylinder, containing metal such as bronze, that gives off a very shining effect, as a light flashes around.)
‘Limbs’ in general = “jointed appendages,” or “an extension or projecting part.” ‘Appendage’ in general is “something or a thing needed or attached to a large entity or structure.” ‘Rods’ in general reflect “bar metal,” or material such as metal having a particular use.” In Biblical times, it also meant “a line of descent, a branch of a tribe.” (The line of descent reflects the behemoth beast as of the evil spirits, a product of the Fallen Angels & the daughters of men. The Giants were born – then died and subsequently their spirits which were descended from the Fallen Angels became the evil spirits symbolic of the Beast – BEHEMOTH!)
‘Rods’ also means something else: rods of metal, where metal refers to the next word – ‘iron.’ ‘Iron’ in general reflects the “iron” shinny metal as in Rev. 9:9; it is also a magnetic or magnetizable metallic element. ‘Magnetic’ has the meaning of “relating to magnetism,” or “operating by the means of magnetism,” as well as “relating to the magnetic poles.” ‘Magnetization’ is the process of making a substance (bone, for example,) temporarily or permanently magnetic as by the insertion within a magnetic field.
A magnetic field is a condition found around a magnet or electric current, characterized by the existence of a detachable magnetic force at every point in the region and by the existence of magnetic poles (north & south.)Electric current (electro-magetism) in general is a “magetism produced by electric charge in motion.” (So now our structure bone has the ability and use of electro-magnetism.)
If we refer back to the word “iron” (as in Rev. 9:9,) in the NIV it states the following: “They had breastplates like breastplates of “iron” and the sound of their wings was of many horses and chariots rushing into battle (as in thunderous vibrations.)
‘Thunderous’ in general = “loud & unrestrained.” ‘Vibration’ in general has “a rhythmic sound, a sound resonating.” Electro-magnetic energy (sound) is of a humming noise: ‘’the more energy the louder the hum!’’ It is a resonating sound with vibrations. (People who have UFO encounters, tell of hearing a humming sound from time to time, which reflects the electro-magnetic energy.)
(From what has been analyzed above, it seems that ’breastplates’ are symbols of the locusts’ mode of transportation as in Joel 2 & Revelation 9, discussed in the second series, which reflects the aliens (as) evil spirits & Fallen Angels’ wings which are being covered by breastplates of iron – reflecting two halves of their craft [the UFO.] This is also a shining structure as well as a circular object of metal & flashing lights, with rods projecting out limbs of iron, used for landing gear.) {{Within the UFO phenomenon, in 1964, there was solid empirical evidence of just such a mysterious craft that landed in Socorro, New Mexico, and seen by policeman, Lonnie Zamora; the then prestigious Allen Hynek actually came and measured the depressions of the landing gear, while Zamora saw the UFO blast off over his head, having a bluish flame behind what was described as an egg-shaped craft with an orange bottom and strange writing on it. The case has never been explained, except in the mind of the now deceased debunker, Phil Klass, but, of course, if the occupants were demonic in nature, what barometer would have been used to so explain it? It is very difficult for a spiritually inclined Ufologist to score any points in this rather hedonistic secular society that we presently inhabit. If you wish to see the details of this fascinating case, go to Michael Hesemann’s “UFO: THE SECRET HISTORY.}}
VERSE 21: “Under the lotus plants he lies, hidden among the reeds in the marsh.
‘Under’ in Greek is (katotero) meaning “below” & “beneath.” ‘Lotus;’ is general is “an aquatic plant.” ‘Aquatic’ in general has the meaning of “relating to or being in water, or living or growing in or on the water,” (and if a structure, one that can go below the water.) ‘Regarding the expression “lies hidden,” ‘lies in general has a meaning here of “a haunt or hiding place.” (A haunt is to inhabit, visit, or appear to; to recur or visit often.) ‘Hidden’ in general is to be “concealed” or “to keep out of sight, secret.” (This structure’s “cylinder” circular object lies below the water, a place inhabited or most often visited.)
‘Reeds’ in general is described as “various tall perennial grasses.” ‘Marsh’ reflects soft, wet, low-lying areas, where the land is marked by grassy vegetation, and often a transition between water & land; (therefore it is giving the impression of a circular structure which leaves its mark print in the swamps or marsh land.)
VERSE 22: “The lotuses conceal him in their shadow (these are the beast as evil spirits within their structure;) the poplars by the stream surround him.
‘Stream’ is a bed of water which is flowing; a swampy or marshy area of a stream-like area. (Both the water plants & the trees help to conceal the structure within the marshy land.)
VERSE 24: “Can anyone capture him by the eyes or trap him and pierce his nose?” (This, of course, is the mighty structure – the UFO – which ostensibly is impregnable!)
‘Capture’ in general is “to gain possession of or control of, to seize.” ‘Eyes’ in general here is of “external visible portions, together with associated structures; “an opening, a loop or window of some sort.” (These structures have been seen with holes and windows of sorts.) {{Just such a craft with six window-like holes was actually spotted by airplane pilot Clarence S. Chiles (along with co-pilot John B. Whitted,) who were traveling in an Eastern Airlines DC-3 over Montgomery, Alabama, on July 24, 1948. This was described as a 100 foot long cigar-shaped object that was twice the diameter of a B-29, with no protruding surfaces. It gave off a bluish glow with a red-orange flame as an “exhaust.” This window UFO was also showcased in Hesemann’s book, cited above.}}
‘Trap’ is “a sealing off, to confine, seal off from escape.” ‘Pierce’ is “to cut, penetrate, make a hole in, or enter or penetrate into.” ‘Nose’ in general is “a forward part of something, the forward end of or protruding part of a structure.”
(Does anyone have the ability to seize it? Are we able to possess this structure by hooking or taking hold of any visible openings on its body? Can we seal it off from flight or movement? Can we cut into it or penetrate it by the use of any type of tools? Can we pierce its nose? Can we hurt or damage the structure? NO! Man has not the ability to do this.) {{Maybe our own government knows all of this, and the reason they really keep all of this UFO stuff secret is because they themselves have seen the powers of the “powers of the air,” and have themselves been seduced by the lustful lures of so-called advanced technology, given by these “alien demons” so that these same “alien-demons” can go about their tasks of trapping unsuspecting souls with their stealthy but curs-ed net!?! Just a thought from a dogged Ufologist.}}


{{The information to be analyzed will be confined to ‘The Book of Job,’ chapter 41, while exploring the symbolism that Richard deduced via his analysis, incorporating verses 12 through 34. This symbolism will be drawn from Richard’s “KEY WORD” approach, which will compliment & supplement the symbolism after the citing of each verse.
This analysis starts with a note concerning verse #3. This concerns the Leviathan, referred to as “he.” This beast is part of the overall symbolism of the full “LIVING BEAST” that incorporates the full land, sea & space, where the Behemoth represented the ‘’land portion’’ only. Verses 12 through 32 will show the comprehensive range of the full beast, which will incorporate the UFO & DEMONIC ABDUCTION PHENOMENON, in all its metaphorical glory ~ & as penned through the understanding of God’s obedient servant Job.}}
This ‘he’ of verse 3 in general is used to refer to a male animal, (the same animal beast that contains the evil Fallen Angels, evil spirits, & includes Satan, so per force – it is metaphorical in nature!
JOB 41:12 reads as follows:
I will not fail to speak of his limbs, his strength and his graceful form.
THE SYMBOLISM: The limbs of the beast are his extensions – Fallen Angels doing certain jobs, while evil spirits are doing other jobs. The groups are all making up the body of the beast, of which Satan is the head.
‘Limbs’ mentions small demons (evil spirits or THE GRAYS.) Some of the jobs include the following:
1) Grafting
2) Implanting
3) Growing offspring
4) Wings, as a mode of transportation (UFOs.) These wings carry the Fallen Angels “as aliens” throughout their estate or territory. It is their “strength” – their authority, a government, a principality of high-ranking angels. The “force” they use is in abducting people, and as “herdsmen,” abduct cattle for their parts.

The “feature & form” are specified shapes, outward appearance, a manufactured structure (wings-UFOs,) that have the ability to change shapes. {{Of course, this later trait has been observed throughout the Ufological lore, and would lend credence to the supernatural characteristics of these beings.}} The Greek meaning in general is “morphosis” which is “the manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form. The Greek (morphosis) + “the process of forming.” [THIS ENDS VERSE 12.]
‘Limbs’ (plural) in general is one regarded as an extension, a member of a representative of a larger body or group. (Informally) it “is an impish child.” (Imp in general has a meaning of three things, all of which were discussed in the previous section under Job, chapter 40. The ‘limb’ (“astron”) is the circumferential edge of the apparent disk of a celestial body. ‘Circumferential’ has three aspects:
1) it is the boundary line of a circle.
2) It is the boundary line of an area.
3) The length of such a boundary. In Latin it means “to carry around.” If you check the word “wings” above, as to furnish with, it would be a means to carry around!)
‘Strength’ had been noted before; ‘power’ (exousia) denotes “freedom of action,” as well as “authority;” see also ‘principality’ (arche) ‘rule.’ ‘Ability’ in Greek (dunamis) is “power in action.” ‘Force’ in Greek (harpazo) is “to snatch away” & “carry off by force,” (as in seizing & abducting.) The word (diarpazo) = “to plunder,” which is “to rob of goods by force, property stolen.” (This would be reflective of taking cattle by the herdsman.)
‘Dominion’ from strength, in Greek (kuriotes) denotes “lordship” & “power,” whether angelic or human. (Kurieuo) means “to be lord over, rule over, have dominion over.” ‘Principality’ in Greek is “governmental rule” & “is used of super mundane beings who exercise rule.” Cf. the evil angels of Rom. 8:38; also, in Col. 2:15.) (Supre) = “above” & (mundanel) “is relating to this world.” (This would mean then that the beings are above this world.)
In Jude 6, it signifies this fallen estate for the Fallen Angels, having “their own” power which had been assigned to them by God, which they left, aspiring to prohibited conditions.
‘Graceful’ in general shows grace of movement, or a “characteristic” of movement. This characteristic is a distinctive feature. ‘Feature’ is distinct parts, an overall appearance. In (Archaic) it is an outward appearance, form or shape. In Latin (factura) is “a working or making up.” The word ‘distinct’ is “readily distinguishable from all other things, easily perceived by the senses.”

VERSE 13: “Who can strip off his outer coat? Who would approach him with a bridle?
SYMBOLISM: This stripping concerns unveiling the deceptive outer coat or mantle, overspread by colors (bends) in the covering which allow for many different shapes They also have the ability to travel from one place to another at the speed of light. They can move through a medium (which entails a portal.) Transient is a passing with time. The object being sent to its destination through a passage is to their specific home territory within their NOW second estate. ‘’The’’ message says that if you think that (in any way) man can control this beast (the evil spirits-the Fallen Angels & Satan,) THINK AGAIN! God is saying in this verse (13) that He is – and is alone – the only power that can have power over the beast. It is only through a true relationship with Jesus Christ (as stated before,) that the beast can be restrained!
The outer cloak is a traveling cloak, or a cloak of transport, so it can travel from place to place, movement or passage (such as dimensions.)
The stripping of the outer cloak or covering would expose the GRAYS & REPTILIANS to what they really are: evil spirits!
In Greek, the meaning of a covering as in (epe) & (Kalupto) is “upo” “to cover” which implies wickedness & deceit. (Plane) renders deceit as “wandering” (as in wandering stars!) & (phrenapatao) means “to deceive in one’s mind.” (So we have a traveling cloak of protection “which is deceiving in appearance, & a mantle which also has a meaning of being overspread by colors, (as UFOs are.) There is also a meaning of fold or pair of folds of a body wall that lines a shell. (Fold = “a bend” which accounts for the many shapes of UFOs, with the shell being the cloak or outer coat!)
The word ‘travel’ also has a meaning of “being transmitted, a light” (as in the speed of light?) Now the word ‘transmit’ in general is “to send from one place to another,” and in (physics,) to propagate through a medium. It also has the meaning of the word “passage” (which is the act or process of passing, especially a movement (travel) from one place to another, across a corridor – transition!)
Let’s look at the word ‘transit’ in Middle English which is transite < & Latin = (transitus;) see ‘transient.’ ‘Transient’ has a meaning of passing with time.” “Passage” is the medium spoken of above. The word ‘send’ means “ to be conveyed by an intermediary to a destination.” ‘Intermediary’ is that which occurs between (the object sent and its destination.) The passage as medium, then, would be the “doors” or the portal corridor. The object is transmitted at the speed of light through – to its destination.
VERSE 14: “Who dares open the doors of his mouth, ringed about with his fearsome teeth?
SYMBOLISM: Who would not be afraid of the beast? Who would be bold before the appearance of him? (His representatives take the forms of UFOs, ghosts, “mothman,” hauntings, etc.) {{If you read John Keel’s 1975 book, “THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES,” you will get an inkling of this evil spirit, and the “power” he possesses temporarily as part of the entourage of THE BEAST!}} When the jaws (doors) of his mouth open and let these evil things out, they create a very dangerous & evil situation, a confrontation that you would be wise in not embracing.

The ‘doors’ in Greek (tolmao) is in the sense of not dreading or having fear of, being bold! Yet ‘jaws’ in general has a meaning of a dangerous situation or confrontation. ‘Mouth’ is “the body opening through which an animal takes in food (the devouring beast,) remembering that “Satan walks about like a lion seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8.) ‘Mouth’ in Greek (epistomizo) means “to bridle” (V.13) earlier, and is used metaphorically as “stopping the mouth, putting to silence.”

Out of the mouth of the beast comes true evil, deceit, torment, inflictions, terror, etc., and by no fear daring to open this mouth, he, the beast, is looking to devour YOU – thereby keeping you away from God! The beast will teach you his ways, and not God’s ways.
‘Mouth’ is also symbolic of the area of his domain – where evil spirits and Fallen Angels all make up the beast as their habitation & estate with Satan. (This, then, would be the earth and the “sea,” (open space) the twelve constellations of the zodiac (as enumerated in the previous section,) plus the Bear & Orion (as one of its two cubs, where the other is part of one of the zodiac constellations,) and this WHOLE AREA BOUNDARY is symbolic of the Beast’s mouth ((‘’or areas of operation’’!}})
The ‘teeth’ symbolically represents the inhabitants of the beast’s mouth within its territory. It is something that injures or destroys with force!

VERSE 15: “His back has rows of shields tightly sealed together.

SYMBOLISM: ‘Back’ in Greek (notoc) reflects that “the back is derived from a root no-, signifying “to bend, curve.” ‘Bend’ in general is “to assume an angular shape, and to force to assume a different direction or shape, according to one’s own purpose.” (For the special purpose of each UFO encounter, you will see a different action played out most of the time (as) actions, shapes or light shows in order to suit their Fallen Angels’ purpose for evil & deceit toward the end they are moving to. Each encounter is personal. ((I can personally attest to the “packaging” effect, where, if you were to have a series of paranormal sequences, all of which seem to jive with one another – WATCH OUT! It could be a “packaging” and very personal

’Rows’ in general is “a series of objects (at times UFOs together,) or next to each other. ‘Series’ in general is “a group of objects related linearly, with varying successive differences in form or configuration, (i.e., able to change shapes – where there are many different sizes indeed!)
‘Shields’ in general is “a protective device or structure (usually round) and is also a structure of plates or mesh, or an arrangement of such. ‘Plates’ has the meaning of a plate-like part or structure such as that covering some reptiles; see scales. ‘Scales’ are small plate-like structures that are the coverings of fish and reptiles. (So shields could also be symbolic of the fish (GRAYS) & the reptiles (REPTILIANS) mentioned in the twelve signs of the zodiac section.)
‘Shield’ in Greek (thureos) formerly meant “a stone for closing the entrance of a cave.” (How about the doors of the beast’s mouth?!?) The entrance is a stone (portal) and the door to the habitat of the Bear, Orion, & the Pleiades (as the horn of stars of Taurus – THE BULL within the zodiac.). The Bear & its cubs (cave) above from which the shields (UFOs) come from! ‘Shield’ also has a meaning of (from the Greek) as “then a shield oblong & large” where the symbolism is of a cigar-shaped object! ((It was a sixty foot cigar-shaped object that my own father saw casually drifting up the Hudson River in New York in 1925; what was it doing there? My father knew aircraft, and it certainly was not either a blimp or a zeppelin. Could it have been from THE BEAR, or from one of its cubs, Orion or the Pleiades?!? ‘’Based on the information presented thus far, it may not be such a bad guess!}}
VERSE 16: “…each is so close to the next that no air can pass between.
KEY WORDS & SYMBOLISM: ‘Air’ in Greek (aer) signifies “the atmosphere,” and (ouranos) denotes “the heavens.” It is a word derived from the root meaning “to cover or encompass.” (In other words, the shields(UFOs) have the earth & sky encompassed so well that the atmosphere being so large cannot hide you! There is no place that they cannot find you ~ especially if they choose to! The air (as atmosphere) is so well covered by these UFO shields, that when needed, nothing could slip by between them. {{Anyone who had seen the documented story of Alexander the Great on “THE HISTORY CHANNEL” over the last few years, as part of ancient UFO presentations, could not help but visualize these shields in the sky (as the ancients called these circular flying vehicles,) actually helping him in one of his campaigns against an enemy, since it was so difficult to storm a particularly well-built garrison while he was in the Middle East. This also adds another level of concern about UFOs as to not only knowing what is going on “down here,” but also aiding and abetting certain individuals. [Why would an ET race from the planet ‘Zeonphobia’ care what happens during our tribal squabbles?!?] From an extra-terrestrial sense, this story (that I have seen chronicled from Alexander’s own historian,) does not make particular sense, but from Richard’s point of view it would make eminent sense, since the demonic forces have a vested interest in us right from the start! For those readers interested in just such accounts of
“flying shields,” which - by the way – both helped Alexander against his campaign vs. the Phoenicians at Tyros, and also thwarted his advance while he & his Macedonians were crossing the river Jaxartes on the Indian border, go to the aforementioned Hesemann book (p.241 of the Marlowe & Coompay, New York, 1998 edition for the details.}}
VERSE 17: “They are joined fast to one another.
KEY WORDS & COMMENTS: ‘Join’ in Greek (kollao) generally has the meaning of “to write” “to be joined with” or “to yoke together” as in (sun zeugnumi.) ‘Yoke’ in Greek (zugos) from a metaphorical point of view, means “of submission to authority of bond service to masters.” (Those who operate the “shields” (UFOs) {{and probably connected to the same “flying shields” that Alexander encountered,}} are united to a cause as an army joined fast together under submission to yet higher authority -
their masters!) {{Perhaps Alexander was thwarted from going into India because “the higher masters” of the UFOs issued orders that ''so far you can go and no further since it would upset the whole diabolical plan being prepared as a trap for mankind!’’ –PERHAPS!?!}}
CONTINUATION OF VERSE 17: “They cling together and cannot be parted.
(This means that they are loyal to and follow their masters, who would be represented by the spiritual wicked hierarchy. {{Remember Ephesians 6:12, and you will perceive the comprehensive sweep being presented by Richard as Paul probably understood it also.}} They are part of the whole, and cannot be separated from that whole (of THE BEAST!)
VERSE 18: “His snorting throws out flashes of light.
‘His’ (The Beast’s) “snorting” is symbolic of the appearance of light (as “intense”) flashes of light, (which is being breathed forcefully!) ‘Breath’ in Greek (emphusao) means “upon,.” (or, in other words, to all these they wish to attract.) ‘Breathe’ in general is “to make apparent.” ‘Apparent’ is “to be readily seen, visible, or appearing as such.”
(The ‘life’ of the shields UFOs & occupants Fallen Angels who have given life to these shields by operating them, this “life” therefore means “breath” symbolically, making the shields UFOs give off intense flashes of this same light.) {{What is extraordinary is that there may very well be an interconnection between “machine” and the operator of that machine (like a key in a lock) so that the “machine” cannot be operated by ‘’just anyone.’’ This concept was brought forth by David Adair in a lecture that I had seen a few years ago; it could also explain why our government (secretly) had such a problem in understanding how the retrieved “saucers” really operated, (using the Roswell incident as a prime example,) unless it could be connected to a type of “mind melding” with the same “saucer.” Obviously, if this dynamic turns out eventually to be, in fact, demonic, it would – per force – bring the discussion (of the core understanding of Ufology)
into an entirely different realm of understanding!!! If (any) ‘’secret’’ government made an agreement with these demonic forces, then they may have been introduced (via the key of “mind melding,”) so as to even operate these demonic vehicles. Of course, this is only speculation, but given what has already been provided in “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT” series, including this third part, thanks to the tireless labor of Richard, it is not beyond the realm of possibility.}}
‘Flashes’ in general is “to give off light or to be lighted in sudden or intermittent bursts; to appear or occur suddenly; to move or proceed rapidly; to make known or signal by flashing lights; to display ostentatiously. It also means to flaunt, a sudden intense display of light.” (I think we just described a UFO!) ‘Light’ in Greek is (phos) which is akin to (phao) meaning “to give light.” (It is from the root pha-and phan-& metaphorically as “reaching the mind.” The flashes of light also (colors) have a trance-like effect on your mind.)

Another word (kaio) is Greek for “to burn.” (Many UFO encounters have had people being literally burned by heat &/or radiation.) {{One of the most tragic and well- documented cases on record entails a man who touched a UFO, only to eventually suffer from radiation poisoning. It is a lengthy story, but well documented, and may offer some insight as to our present discussion, so I will quote the details at length, and then connect it to yet another portion of Enoch!
The man in question was Stephen Michalak. This case was seen on TV (SIGHTINGS, etc., ) but I am indebted for the details of this dramatic story from Timothy Good’s classic 1988 book,

As he sketches the craft, he felt warm waves of air and the smell of suphur also radiated from the craft. The door then opened, and he could here two human-like voices – one higher pitched than the other. Thinking that it must have been an American experimental craft, he went through a series of six languages that he uttered into the door, but got no response. He pushed down his tinted green lenses on his goggles, and peered into the opening. He saw many lights, some in patterns and flashing in random sequence. The door closed, and as he examined the outside of the craft, he found that the glove he was wearing to inspect it had burned and melted! He was facing an exhaust vent when suddenly, a blast of hot air struck his chest! It set both his shirt and vest on fire, causing him severe pain. He ripped the clothes off him as the object left. He later suffered from headaches and nausea. He was examined by 27 doctors, one of whom noted that Stephen got a radiation dosage of between 100-200 roentgens, and luckily, (because he was only exposed for a short time,) did not receive a lethal dose! As the case gained notoriety, the Canadian government became less than enamored with releasing the full contents of the details of the Michalak case, and according to Mr. Good, the complete case was never fully disclosed up to the time of the publication of the book in 1988.
I personally get the strange feeling that these beings inhabiting this craft were demonic Fallen Angels, and the sulphur portion of the story reminded me of the sulphur pits that these same unfortunates were subjected to, a la ‘The Book of Enoch;’ you may check 66:6 wherein lies the valley of the angels who seduced (man,) and were buried under the soil mixed with sulphur and the waters [Richard Laurence translation.]))
(Erchomai) is another Greek word with the meaning of ‘light.’ From this we get (pipto) “lightning” which means “to fall,” and rendered “to strike;” see ‘smite.’ ‘Smite’ in Greek (patasso) means “to strike,” and (metaphorically,) of judgment. It also has the connotation of an affliction of desease by an angel (as in Fallen Angel.) ‘Smite’ (plesso) is akin to (plege) which means “a plague, a wound;” also (rhapizo) which is “to strike with a rod of light, “a goad,” (and this is the very instrument that these evil beings put you into a trance with, as mentioned before.)
‘Plague’ is (mastix) which means “a whip scourge,” and (metaphorically) is of a disease. A ‘scourge’ is a wide spread affliction (abductions?) where the word ‘curse’ means “of a source or cause of “evil” – a “scourge.” (Refer again to the “FLYING SCROLL” of Zacharia(h), chapter five, verse 1, for the details.)
VERSE 18 (continued): “…his eyes are like the rays of dawn.
‘Eyes’ in Greek (ophthlmos) is akin to (opsis) which conveys the idea of “sight, signifying here penetration.” ‘Penetration’ in general is “a process of piercing the act of entering to establish influence over or to gain information; an attack (to strike) as in influence over another.” (The aliens ‘’as’’ Fallen Angels have the ability to enter your mind, control you through influence while under trance, which is symbolized by the “good-old” goad or rod!) ‘Eye’ in Hebrew (ayin) is also used figuratively as mental & spiritual abilities, acts & statements. ‘Spiritual’ (Fallen Angels) have the “abilities”, including the power to perform or to do something spiritual ~ but the power is supernatural power!
‘Acts’ means that these (alien Fallen Angels) have a process of doing, performing, & playing a part or role as a character. They behave in a manner suitable for the role. {{Remember that everything they do is a FAÇADE – a deceitful cover for something else – and why[?] ~ because you are the fish & they are the fishermen!’’ or ‘’you are the hunted & they are the hunters! There is a curious use of this same terminology in the ‘Book of Jeremiah in chapter 16, verses 16-18, because man had turned from worshipping the one true God to useless false gods, (which we contend are these same Fallen Aangels, etc.,) so God punished these same foolish men by sending them fishermen & hunters (the Fallen Angels’ entourage as depicted in the zodiac,) to avenge the just anger of God. I found the remark curious – but apt!}}
‘Statement’ is the “act of declaring something to create a certain impression.” (Would this be the UFO FAÇADE SIDESHOW?!?) Let’s look at the word ‘evil’ in Greek (kakos) which stands for “whatever is evil in character!” We also have the word (poneros) that reflects “what is evil in influence & effect.” ‘Rays’ in general here is “to send out” as rays (which would be the supernatural influence that can penetrate our minds, just like the rays of light penetrate our eyes like the dawn.
VERSE 19: “Firebrands stream from his mouth; sparks of fire shoot out.
‘Fire’ in general is “to cause to burn, to arouse emotions” (physical) & “to generate an electrical impulse.” ‘To arouse emotions’ is “to awaken, to stir up;” ‘emotion’ is an intense mental state, or agitation; In Latin, it means “to move” (where to move as in ‘abduction’ and to generate stimulation through electrical impulses by the use of the goad or “rod.”) The impulse is how the trance is induced. ‘Brand’ in general is a trademark or identification indicating identity or ownership, which is burned on the hide (skin) of an animal or (person.) {{As an investigator, I personally have seen these “branding marks,” especially little red triangle shapes embossed on the abdomen of at least one female who herself has indicated some type of “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT.” I have also heard of other cases on TV in UFO abduction discussions, and it crops up in the Ufological literature on occasion.}} (So ‘firebrand’ symbolizes a mark or brand burned into the skin, which could refer to someone’s ownership, possibly of the burned-in skin marks on “alien” abductees.) {{It must be a frightening thought for some female to feel she has been so branded by entities that may not be benevolent. As our thesis is unfolding, I hope that these same “bitten” people will take solace in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, who came so that we all shall not perish, but have life everlasting. ‘’This IS serious business!’’}}
‘Stream’ in general is a “flow, a steady flow, to put forth or give off.” ‘Mouth’ in general is “an opening;” also “to utter.” (A flow of utterances, i.e., evil teachings & influences, which become firebranded into our minds like a ’remembrance’ as in an earlier statement, is an evil false knowledge through a [spiritual?] encounter.)
‘Utter’ means “to send forth,” and has the symbolism of the words “rays of light.” ‘Speaks’ in general is “a flash of light, a glistening of metal, and also a quality or feeling with latent potential; it has the meaning also “of a seed.” ‘Latent’ is “present & potential but not evident or active, (i.e., something present but not known of.) ‘Pathol’ is a dormant or hidden stage (as in the implanted organism,) & ‘biol’ is underdeveloped but capable of normal growth under the proper conditions.
(My understanding of this is that the implanted organism - is being under-developed but capable of normal growth – as long as it is implanted into a human female which then makes it the “proper conditions!”) The last meaning of ‘latent’ in line is ‘psychol’ which itself means “present in the unconscious mind but not consciously expressed.” (Under hypnosis, the abductee recalls the event that took place; it remains present in the unconscious mind but cannot be consciously expressed. The Latin expression is “to lie hidden.”
So the whole of the abduction event is kept hidden in the unconscious and only through hypnosis can it be revealed, i.e., that which is not consciously expressed!
‘Fire’ in Greek (pur) means both of a fire or judgment, and as symbol of danger & destruction. ‘Shoot’ in general has the idea of “uttering forcefully, or sending forth; also covering (as in territory.) In a hunting game, the (abductees) begin to grow or produce (hybrids) and then put forth new growth, germinate, and engage in hunting (covering territory for the prey: US!)
‘Out’ in general means “away,” “out of a normal position, from inside to outside.” (The lighted shields UFOs are traveling outside their habitat to hunt for their prey – the abductees!)
VERSE 20: “Smoke pours from his nostrils as from a boiling pot over a fire of reeds.
(Literally, it is smoke, but it is symbolic of itself, not of its chemical make-up, but of its color. ‘Smoke’ in general has the meaning of color as of “a pale gray to a dark gray.”) This color of gray I believe to be symbolic of the evil agencies, which are deceiving us as aliens (THE GRAYS) but they are of the Fallen Angels.
‘Pour’ in general has the meaning of “sending forth” or “proceeding in numbers.” ‘Pour’ in Greek (ekcheo) means “to pour out,” & (ek) “out” is used also as divine wrath, as in Rev. 16,1-4,8,10,12 & 17. ‘Nostrils’ in general is of (two) external openings of the nose; in Old English (OE) we have (nosthyal) = nose, & (thyrl) = hole. ‘Hole’ in Greek (pholeos) means “a den or hole,” while (ope) is “caves” KJV; see ‘cave.’ (NOTE: A den or cave is usually home to a bear & its cubs; symbolically, therefore, it could relate to the Bear, Orion, & the Pleiades’ constellations, where the Pleiades is a portion of Taurus.)
‘Boiling’ (as) from a boiling pot here, is in relation to “the smoke pouring from his nostrils,” (with) “the pot boiling & the steam rising.” ‘Boiling’ means here “an agitated swirling mass.” ‘Agitated’ is “moving with sudden force (power) and violence.” ‘Violence’ in Greek (hormema) is a “rush” & ‘rysh’ in Greek (hormao) is akin to (horme;) see ‘assault.’ Also (trecho) which means “to run” is translated “rushing” (to war as in Rev. 9:9.
‘Swirling’ in general is “to move in a whirling motion,” (such as a whirlwind symbolism?) ‘Pot’ in general has five meanings:
1) It is made of pottery, glass or metal
2) It is a round vessel.
3) A container with contents (as symbolic of a UFO and its occupants.)
4) An artistic decorative vessel of any shape.
5) Something such as a chimney pot, (as could be envisioned by a pipe shape or cigar-shaped object.)

‘Fire’ in general is “that which releases heat and light, luminosity or brilliance, (just as a UFO does.) (I believe that this verse related to a judgment, the coming assault of UFOs & their occupants, which we have seen demonstrated as THE GRAYS & REPTILIANS [‘Fallen Angels.’] The smoke is not only gray in color, but as the smoke mentioned in Rev. 9:9 of the abyss, where the locusts come from. The abyss is the holding place of many fallen angels, so it would make sense that the locusts are the GRAY fallen ones – symbolized here as a coming invasion! This is, in fact, a judgment where the cigar-shaped object is being mentioned with the pot, and therefore relates to the ‘’curse’’ of the (Flying Scroll) as per Zacharia 5:1, as discussed in the second series, BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE within PROPHECY. Fire is symbolic of the brilliance & heat being generated – the same type of heat that UFOs emit! Swirling, as a whirlwind, could relate to other objects of a round shape rotating.)
VERSE 21: “His breath sets coals ablaze, and flames dart from his mouth.
‘Breath’ in Greek (pneuma) means “spirit” & ‘spirit’ (pnoe) is akin to (pueo) which is “to blow.” It literally signifies the “breath of life,” (in this case, the life of the Beast simulated through the Fallen Angels as giving life to the crafts UFOs as we “give life” to our vehicles; it operates in the same manner, so breath is symbolic of the Fallen Angels operating the “blazing coals” (or illuminated objects.)
‘Ablaze’ in general means “radiant with bright colors, (just as UFOs flash.) ‘Flames’ in Greek (phlox) is akin to the Latin’s (fulgeo,) which is “to shine,” & is used apart from (pur,) which is the “fire” of 2 Thess 1:8, where the fire is to be understood as the instrument of divine judgment.
‘Dart’ in general is a sudden rapid movement, to move suddenly & rapidly.” ‘Mouth’ is (symbolic for the Beast’s domain,) where the evil agencies inhabit; basically the mouth here represents space, atmosphere, where the blazing coals come to administer judgment.
VERSE 22: “Strength resides in his neck, dismay goes before him.

‘Strength’ in Greek (ischus) is ”ability,” & (kratos) means “force, mighty.” ‘Strength’ in Hebrew is (hayil) which reflects property, capability, influence.” ‘Power’ is the “ability to effect or produce something.”

‘Resides’ in general is “to live in a place, to exist.” ‘Neck’ in Greek (trachelos) is (metaphorically) “putting a yoke upon.” ‘Yoke’ (zugos) also (metaphorically) denotes “a submission to authority with (the power to control.) ‘Dismay’ is to “destroy the courage or resolution of by exciting dread or apprehension – a sudden or complete loss of courage in the face of trouble or danger. In Latin it is “to deprive of power.” (So the Beast has the force, power, and ability plus the numbers to produce the effect upon (his prey: US!) He does this through the use of supernatural usage, by (the sight of UFOs) and in general, exciting dread upon us so as to incapacitate us into submission.)
VERSE 23: “The folds of his flesh are tightly joined. They are firm and immovable.
‘Folds’ in general reflects “the sheep of the flock.” ‘Sheep’ as in the Greek (probaton) – metaphorically – means “of those who belong.” ‘Flesh’ in Hebrew (basar) is the “male sex organ.” This is symbolic of the creation of creatures by the Beast (as in Satan & the Fallen Angels.) (Basar) also means the “meaty part plus the ‘skin of men.” The words “meaty parts of animals” (as in Deut. 14:8 & Gen. 41:2,) speaks of cows as “fat of flesh” & (basar) often means the “edible part” of the animals. (Could this be referencing the edible parts useful of mutilated cattle, etc.[?] Could the ‘skin’ of men be the “scoop marks noted in Ufology[?] Could DNA tissue create human clones?) {{If THE HOLY BIBLE has coded other aspects of the UFO and demonic abduction phenomenon (as demonstrated in this three-part series heretofore, why not in the answers to the above three questions, which, in may respects, our present day reality would wish to bury into the files of simple anomalous activity, and leave it at that. This subject is too important to leave to idle speculation or worse – misinterpreted or spin controlled data.}}
‘Flock’ above in Hebrew (so’n) relates to “small cattle” and should be distinguished from (baqar) which is a “herd.” “Small cattle” are small in stature, (similar to THE GRAYS!) You see the word (so’n) in Hebrew as either “sons or son.” ‘Cattle’ as in hybrid herds could be symbolic of the sons of the Beast! ‘Cattle’ in Hebrew (‘cleph) has three meanings, and one of them is the word ‘groups.’ ‘Group’ in general has a meaning of “a class or collection of related entities or objects.” ‘Related’ is the way or person is connected to another by blood (as a parent to a child or a beast to a herd.) ‘Entity’ is “of existence, being” and in Latin – “to be.”
Continuing with verse 23, they “are tightly joined” where ‘joined’ in general is the connection with, a close association, or relationship with. ‘Relationship’ is of being related, a connection by blood. ’Firm’ in Greek (bebaios) is “steadfast & secure.” (All of these hybrid clones, etc., created by the Beast as Satan & the Fallen Angels via the process such as implantation create a bond of sorts between them. The herds, ‘sheep,’ folds of his flesh the beast’s, are tightly joined by relationship, brought into existence to do a job, with loyalty to their creator, and are firm & immovable in this sense; if we were to allude to a military term, there are no “AWOLS!”)
The word ‘immovable’ means “unalterable, unyielding in principal, purposeful, with adherence to their cause; they are incapable of being moved emotionally since there are no emotions within these hybrid clones.) {{This is not only formidable but frightening; one may think of a “Manchurian Candidate” mind-controlled type of person – now “shelled” in human form or other facades – and ready, willing and able to perform tasks for its immoral leader – Satan! At least since WW II, our very own intelligence services have been so dabbling in this dark arena in order to come up with the perfect spy/&/or assassin; cf. Gordan Thomas’s excellent introduction into this dark area by reading “JOURNEY INTO MADNESS.” Have the alphabet agencies & general intelligence services in any way joined hands to the claws of the Satanic realm? The evidence within the New World Order research would seem to point in that direction.))
VERSE 24: “His chest is hard as rock, hard as a lower millstone.
‘Chest’ in general is the (thorax) & ‘breastplate’ in Greek is (thorax.) The breast denotes a breastplate consisting of two parts, and protecting the body on both sides from the neck to the middle (Rev. 9:9.) (Breastplate is a piece of armor that covers the Beast.) The Beast’s breastplate is as hard as rock. In Greek, ‘hard’ (porois) denotes a hardening, a covering.
(Symbolic here is breastplates chest where two pieces as hard as rock are protecting the Beast (the collective Fallen Angels) as an outer covering. Could the body armor worn by THE GRAYS, or the covering for the UFOs be of the same type of shell?)
‘Millstone’ is the Greek (mulos) that is a “handmill,” consisting of two circular stones, one above, & the other, the lower millstone – fixed! ‘Millstone’ serves as storage containers (as one of its meanings,) as per Exodus 7:19. (The storage container of the occupants, which are circular and have two halves like rock-protective coverings, one up and one down: could this not be descriptive of a UFO?)
‘Fixed’ in general means “secure – a stable form – an unmovable and stable platform.” ‘Form’ is the shape & structure of an object, as an outward appearance. (The lower millstone, the circular half, is fixed, while the top one rotates.) ‘Circular’ also is just not a “saucer,” but can mean “the shape of a cylinder” (as in “cigar-shaped!”)
NOW SKIPPING TO VERSE 26: “The sword that reaches him has no effect, nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin.
‘Sword’ in Hebrew (hereb,) represent an implement that can be or is being used in war; the exact shape of the implement however, is not specified by this word. (Sword is symbolic by modern weapons, and of no particular shape.)
‘Spear’ is a long shaft with a pointed end. (It is symbolic for modern-day rockets, missles, etc.) ‘Dart’ is a slender pointed missle (small) as those used on jets, etc. ‘Javelin’ is a light spear thrown by the hand. (It is symbolic of hand-fixed rockets or projectiles.) Of course, ‘’none’’ of these modern day weapons can harm the vehicles of the Beast (i.e., the UFOs!)
VERSE 27: “Iron he treats like straw and bronze like rotted wood.
‘Iron’ in general is of great hardness, strength, firmness; it is inflexible & unyielding. ‘Treat’ in general means “to regard and handle in a certain way; to subject to a process, an action or a change, especially a chemical or physical process.” ‘Straw’ is a stalk of threshed grain.” (It is easily broken, bent, cut, etc.) It is very manageable. ‘Rotten’ has the idea of “being in a state of decay, decomposed.” ‘Decay’ (in Biology) is “to break down into component parts, rotted matter.” ‘Bronze’ is general means “various alloys of copper & tin and traces of other metals (as discussed previously.) ‘Rotted’ wood is that (which crumbles & breaks apart into small pieces.) ‘Treats’ is a process of handling metals in a certain way, & a way to change iron (steel) by a chemical or physical process.
VERSE 28: “Arrows do not make him flee; sling-stones are like chaff to him.
‘Arrows’ are “thin shafts with a pointed head at one end; it is also flight stabilized” (as in modern day missles.) ‘Sling-stones’ are “slingshots for flinging small stones {{like the one David flung at Goliath.}} (It is symbolic for small to heavy weapons’ fire.) ‘Chaff’ is “finely cut straw or hay; trivial or worthless matter.” (These weapons do not harm or hurt the Beast at all! It is like hay being tossed at him.)
VERSE 29: “A club seems to him but a piece of straw, he laughs at the rattling of the lance.
Obviously, this is one very strong Beast, since a club is one very strong weapon, {{and certainly not to be ignored by the “average Joe,” yet, as we have seen by the various descriptions in the ongoing verses – this is not your average Joe!!!}} ‘Lance’ is a calvary lance (sword) as in (rattling the sabor) so to speak!
VERSE 30: “His undersides are jagged potsherds leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge.
‘Undersides’ (in the plural) is “the bottoms or the sides that are less desirable.” ‘Jagged’ is “marked by irregular projections & indentations.” ‘Potsherds’ relate to “a pottery fragment or fragments.” ‘Pottery’ has a meaning of “the craft or work of the potter” (as the Beast) {{just like God is the potter of men as in Jeremiah chapter 18.}} (The bottoms of the fragments or sides less desirable are marked by “irregular’ (contrary to rule, accepted order or general practice) “projections;” (these are the parts that extend outward, the image of a geometric shape.) ‘Fragments’ (small parts) with irregular & projective geometric shapes leave a “trail” (the traces of a hunting track, or a mark or trace left behind by something…which is exactly what a UFO does when it leaves its landing spot.) {{This is exactly what transpired in the 1964 Socorro, New Mexico UFO that we had mentioned previously, leaving well-defined circular imprints in the New Mexican desert, reflecting a fairly heavy unorthodox vehicle, which was allegedly transgressing both our air and land space in the good old united States of America!}}’
Mud’ = “soft earth.” ‘Threshing’ is “to beat the stems or husks of grain with a machine or flail; to separate the grains or seeds in this manner; to thresh grain.” (UFOs have been known to leave their signature marks landing impressions of heat & weight in the soft earth, the tall grass or wheat fields!) {{From what I have come to understand, the ‘signature marks or designs’ in the “CRTOP CIRCLLES,” may be due to some unknown energy force directed from above to below, but done with intelligence and elegant artwork and precision, ‘’and not by some bungling fools’’ who are good with a stake & some pressing device that bends and breaks the wheat, etc. The real circles do not break, but rather bend, while being subjected to intense heat that can cause a chemical change in the wheat (perhaps supernatural in nature,) but in any event not the simplistic fruit of superficial minds thrust on the public by the mass myopic media.}}
‘Sledge’ is a type of vehicle used as a sled – and symbolically as a vehicle for transportation. (One could say – just as UFOs are vehicles transporting their goods occupant abductees and other goods.)
VERSE 31: “He makes the depths churn like a boiling caldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment.
{{Below are definitions for the record:}}
‘Depths’ = a deep part or place & often used in the plural. ‘Churn’ means to agitate or stir, as in (waves churning in the storm.) ‘Boiling’ is to change from liquid to vapor, …and to be stirred up, to vaporize by the application of heat; a swirling mass of liquid. ‘Caldron’ is a large vessel used for boiling (the sea depths) being agitated or stirred. ‘Sea’ is the expanse of water in the ocean. ‘Stirs-up’ is to pass an implement through (a liquid) in circular motion, so as to mix the contents, as to introduce an ingredient, for instance. ‘Pot’ = a container. ‘Pot’ in Greek (xestes) is in Latin “liquid measure,” as (sextarius.) ‘Measure’ in Greek is (“metron”) and is that which is used for measuring – of a vessel. (Meros) is a part. (Prosanaperoo) is “to fill up by adding to, to supply fully.” ‘Ointment’ is a viscous or semi-solid substance used on the skin; in Latin, see ‘unguent.’ ‘Unguent’ is a salve for healing or soothing. In Latin = “anoint.” ’Viscous’ is having a relatively high resistance to flow (as in being able to resist the drag forces of water.) ‘Resistance’ then is an instance of resisting; a force tending to oppose or retard motion. ‘Anoint’ from the Hebrew (masah) that indicates “anointing” in the sense of a special setting apart for a function.
‘Anoint’ in Greek (aleipho) is a general term used for an anointing of any kind; for example, for physical refreshment. ‘Physical’ is relating to the body, and body is relating to a material thing; it also relates to matter or energy. ‘Refreshments’ is something such as food. ‘Function’ is something related to another, and dependent on it for its existence. In Latin we have performance – the way in which something operates, functions or performs; in Latin – to furnish.
(This past verse is talking about the underwater UFOs, and includes the stirring up of the water – churning as they travel undersea, & like a boiling caldron means the objects are emitting high heat, and glowing in the same process, while evaporating all the water around it as it moves rapidly through the water [without any drag.] As the object moves along, it is emitting heat. This is done because at the same time the ointment used on the skin is symbolic for that which is needed for the UFO’s body to function. It is a process for anointing a physical refreshment for the object (energy.) As power is created by the flowing water of dams, so too analogously is the movement of the object through the water generating its energy supply.)
VERSE 32: “Behind him he leaves a glistening wake.’ One would think the deep had white hair
‘Glistening’ is to shine by reflection with sparking luster, a lustrous shine. ‘Wake’ is a visible track of turbulence left by something through the water; a condition left behind. ‘Condition is a mode or state. ‘Mode’ is a manner or way of doing something, a method or given condition of functioning. ‘Spate’ is the condition of a physical system – a condition of being with regard to circumstances.
‘White’ is the maximum lightness, whereas ‘hair’ are pigmented filaments; therefore, the expression means (white pigmented filaments.) ‘Pigment’ is a substance used as coloring, & mixed with water. ‘Filament’ is an incandescent wire emitting visible light to shine brilliantly – as a result of being heated. In effect, it is white water colored by a substance that shines.
The object heated as to boil water. The object was shining; it gives off a white shiny colored water, with a trail of white phosphorous or literally is phosphorus.
Let’s look at phosphorus. It is a highly reactive element (substance) existing in three allotropic forms: white, red & black. The (white) is as “white hair.” Phosphorus in Greek is (phaj) for light, and in Latin, it means “morning star.” (As you may know, this was a title for Satan himself!)

{{Introduction: Richard has decided to end this three-part series of THE BITE OF THE SERPENT, ET AL, with one of the most beautiful and important psalms ever penned, to give sober solace to the spiritually weary, faith & hope where there only looks like dark despair, plus a warning to those who think themselves powerful within the 'CURS'-ED NET – that their days and nights are very numbered! This is the psalm that Satan knows well, since he quoted part of it to Jesus, the Son of God Himself, before Jesus started His very mission to reconcile men to God the Father…so they know that their days & nights are numbered! After Richard finishes his key word analysis, I will have some FINAL COMMENTS on the whole of the three series.}}
In closing, I leave you with Psalm 91 (of the NIV,) that states to have trust in God through all troubles, especially those we cannot control. ONLY HE CAN STOP IT! Through our trust in Him & His Son & savior, Jesus Christ, He will do battle against those evil forces that we have no control over. As you read this psalm, you will see how this trust will comfort you, and especially within verses 5 & 6, which, I believe, deals with the UFO phenomenon, orchestrated by evil forces of Fallen Angels. I will analyze these verses (using the NIV,) to show you that with trust in Him, plus having a true relationship with His Son Jesus, you will not have to fear this portion of evil that descends down upon the whole world, hunting for prey of those they can abduct, using this very prey for their own benefit (and certainly not yours!)
GOD PROMISES to stop this evil in your life if it is there now. He will also prevent it from happening again! Please read the following verses of PSALM 91 – not with your mind – but with your heart!
VERSE 1: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the almighty.
VERSE 2: “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.
VERSE 3: “Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snares and from the deadly pestilence.
VERSE 4: “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
(With faith in Him and a “true relationship with His Son Jesus Christ, He will protect you from the following, as cited in verses 5 & 6. He (God) is stating it is so!)
VERSE 5You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.
‘Terror’ in Greek (phobetron) is “that which causes fright, a terror.” It is translated “terrors’ in Luke 21:11, and in the RV (KJV) “fearful sights;” note, for (ptoesis) see ‘amazement. Now Luke 21:11 states: “There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful sights and great signs from heaven.”
‘Heaven’ in Greek (ouranos) is used in the New Testament as the “aerial heavens” – where ‘aerial’ means “of, in the air, living in the air, sky & atmosphere.” (These terrors, fearful sights from the sky, from the atmosphere & space ‘’is none other than’’ UFOSs!!!
‘Night’ is (literally) “the hours of darkness;” symbolically ‘darkness’ in Greek (skotos) has a meaning of “ the evil powers that dominate the world” (Luke 22:53.) At the end of the verse, Christ is speaking “when darkness reigns” during these very hours of darkness.

(In Eph. 3:10, NIV,) according to the “Bible Note Life & Spirit,” the “rulers & authorities in the heavenly realms including the sky & atmosphere, refer to the ruling powers of darkness in the spiritual realm.

In Eph. 6:12-NIV, it states: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers (also another word which is symbolic of angels,) of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms.” {This terror by night from the heavenly realms our sky and atmosphere, including space, is ‘’not referring to aliens’’ but rather to Fallen Angels in character as aliens.) {{As mentioned many times throughout this and previous series, this is THE FAÇADE!}}
‘The arrow’ is symbolic of the vehicle seen in flight, in the sky that appears. If we look at the word ‘dart’ in Greek (belos,) it denotes a missile, an arrow, javelin, etc., but also in Eph. 6:16, it is referred to as ‘fiery.’ “It mentions the flaming arrow of the evil one” (i.e., Satan.) ‘Flame’ in Greek (phlox) means “to shine.”
‘Shine’ in Greek is (phaino) means “to cause to appear” or (that which appears;) also, the word (lampo) means “to shine as a torch” while (stilbo) means “to glisten.” (Perilampo) is “to shine around,” & (periastrapto) has the meaning of “to flash around, to shine round about.”
(UFOs suddenly appear; they shine like a torch, glisten and shine round (the whole of the object,) and then flash around meaning “light flashing from them.”)
‘Flies’ is “the act or process of flight.” ‘Day’ here in general means the following: the hours of sunlight,” but also “the 24 hour period during which earth completes one rotation on its axis – (meaning that this terror not only hits as night or day, but the whole of the 24 hour period!)
PSALM 91: VERSE 6:…nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.
‘Pestilence’ in Greek (loimos) has the meaning of “any deadly infectious malady.” In general, it is “a disease pernicious, evil influence or agent.” ‘Evil’ in Greek (kakos) is “whatever is evil in character” (such as the Fallen Angels and their ‘alien’ GRAYS & REPTILIANS;) also, “what is evil in influence & effect, malignant (like an evil power that affects a person – and malignant as a cancerous disease as in “the implantation of an evil organisms,” and is the power which affects all of its victims , such as those subjected to the “trance” by goad!


Another meaning of the word ‘evil’ is (poneros) which is akin to (ponos) and denotes “evil that causes labor, a malignant evil; toil.” The word ‘influence’ in general in Astrology is a factor determining one’s tendencies & characteristics believed to be caused by the positions of the stars & planets at the time of one’s birth (as per the zodiac, which reflects an evil influence!)
‘Toil’ in Greek (kopiao) means “to labor” (here as to be pregnant.) (Basanizo) means “to put to the test” (i.e., look for certain qualities a person has to offer,) then “to examine by torture” (by probing with instruments that those abductees – chosen as DONORS for future implantation, as well as DNA material for cloning.)
This IS the evil disease!
‘Stalk’ = “to track prey,” or “to pursue by stealth” (as UFOs do. This was mentioned in the decoding of the zodiac signs as being hunted “for abductions.”) ’Darkness’ is literally “the night.” ‘Plague’ is “a widespread affliction” (which is exactly what the UFO phenomenon is – since it is world-wide, seen in every country of our globe.)
‘Plague’ in Greek (mastix) is “a scourge” & ‘scourge’ means “curse” in general; if one were to look up the word ‘curse,’ it has the same meaning as the word ‘scourge.’ (If you re-read THE FLYING SCROLL of Zacharia 5:1, in SERIES TWO, Section I, at: BREAKING-THE-SCRIPTURAL-CODE-within-PROPHECY
you will notice
a curse of a cigar-shaped object which represents abductions of a demonic kind that have been occurring approximately three thousand years ago until this very time! This curse involves UFOs abducting people. It is a curse against mankind for his sins, which reflect transgressions against God.)
‘Destroys’ in Greek (apollumi) refers ”to perish” as of spiritual destitution, from (luo) which is reflected in 1 John 3:8, of the works of the devil.” (This, of course, is destitution - without God – and without His Son as your savior, Jesus Christ!.)
A spiritual perishing through a curse is a disease by the Fallen Angels. ‘Midday’ means “the middle” & ‘middle’ “begins at neither one extreme or the other,” or (in other words, anytime of the day within the 24 hour period of each day, anytime!) {{Jesus had warned us that we know not the day nor the hour, so be vigilant always!}}
SO…these attacks can happen at anytime – anywhere, but…if you have faith & trust in God as reflected in Psalm 91, then you have a true relationship with God’s Son, Jesus Christ. You will then – NOT FEAR THIS CURSE – the curse
which comes upon those who are spiritually destitute!
Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior, as I did - with a true heart, not out of fear, but rather, a true wanting! “True” is of giving thanks always and living your life wholly in Jesus. God has emotions too, and we should always give thanks and include Him in our lives. If we act appropriately, He will protect you against all these evil forces.


As He protected me after that night, having prayed to God the Father because I was so overwhelmed with these evil forces (as UFO agencies,) I cried out to Him for His Son Jesus, and as soon as I did, He lifted a heavy weight out of my chest, which today I know now to have been evil spirits!
This evil that was in me may very well dwell in anyone who gets so wrapped-up with UFOs, hauntings, and so forth, - and although may not experience what I have per se, but may experience varying levels of these troubles. I strongly feel that it will somehow catch up with you as you allow yourself to go deeper down this road {{as in the trap of ‘THE
I, personally, have not been troubled now for over fifteen years, and now through Jesus Christ, am at peace! It is through Him, who sent His Holy Spirit that I now can bear witness and share this with you! Please do not allow yourself to suffer through life without Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. As it says in the Good Book: Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life (as per ‘The Gospel of John.)


And when you look up in the heavens and behold the sun or the moon or any star among the heavenly hosts, do not be led astray into adoring them and serving them. [Deut. 4:19]

For those who take The Bible seriously, it is pretty clear – at least to me – that the above quote reflects part of the thesis for which Richard labored these many past months, the latest labor being the third in the series of “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,” and rightfully called ‘The Curs-ed Net.’ “Any” star that we can see (and we can see roughly about 2000 on any given night, were used to connect certain dots that led to the “adoring & serving” of the fallen portion of the heavenly hosts, i.e., the Fallen Angels of which ‘The Book of Enoch’ has elaborated upon at length. Why was this warning given in the ‘Book of Deuteronomy’ to begin with? According to Enoch, it was the Fallen Angels that taught mankind about these very stars, both in astronomy & astrology! (CF. chapter 8.) To see just how real this “curs-ed net” really is, EXHIBIT A will be drawn from the work of one, Robert Bauval. This man wrote a book called, “THE MYSTERY OF ORION,” which was televised in 1995 by ‘The Learning Channel.’ The ostensible purpose of this program was to explore the how & why behind the shafts in THE GREAT PYRAMID, which actually pointed to a certain key constellation (Orion) and bright star (Sirius,) both of which played a mighty drama in Egyptology, which, according to Bauval, immortalized Orion & Sirius – not for what they were, but for what they represented. I will quickly go through this mystery “solved,” before we go to the bigger picture:
According to Bauval, (working with Graham Hancock,) they came to the conclusion that THE GREAT PYRAMID was not built by the Egyptians, but rather an advanced civilization that preceded the Egyptian one. Their evidence was based on the incredible knowledge ensconced in THE GREAT PYRAMID, by mentioning that its directional points were exactly aligned to the cardinal points of the Earth, and it was even built to scale - (according to author Graham Hancock) of one to 43,000, reflecting the mathematical scale of the northern hemisphere, or in other words, whoever built THE GREAT PYRAMID knew a great deal (supernatural type of knowledge) of the pyramid in relation to the Earth and our galaxy, so this pyramid, in particular, acts as a type of monument to this knowledge. [Neither Hancock nor Bauval brought up ‘The Book of Enoch’ in their discussion about this great knowledge, but, as alluded to before in the 8th chapter of 1 ENOCH, an explanation is provided as to how man knew so much about these incredibly built monuments in relationship to a certain star and constellation, and memorialized it in stone (and according to Robert Bauval,) this was done to reflect what the heavens looked like approximately 10,500 B.C.
What was it immortalizing? Bauval found that the shaft leading out of the ‘King’s Chamber’ of THE GREAT PYRAMID actually pointed to the belt of the constellation Orion as it would have looked circa. 10,500 B.C.; likewise, the shaft coming out of the ‘Queen’s Chamber’ pointed to the star Sirius. Orion represented the high god of resurrection (according to the myth of the Egyptians,) and Sirius represented “his consort” – Isis – as the queen of the heavens. [You may recall, I had previously penned a warning from Jeremia(h) 7:18-21, where the holy prophet warned the Jews of his day, not to honor the so-called ‘queen of heaven’ – who was referred to as Ishtar (the Egyptians’ Isis,) since it would anger the living Lord & God, who took such great offense at having strange gods before Him! So whoever built (or was responsible for the construction of THE GREAT PYRAMID,) was slapping the living Lord God in the face, by incorporating an “honor” for these same lower gods, (whom I see as part of the Fallen Angels’ hierarchy.)
To me, this is a crucial understanding; according to this program, the Egyptian pharaoh had one major goal: that when he died, his spirit would co-join with Osiris of Orion, (becoming “a star,”) [wandering?] and therefore becoming one with him…which is a blasphemous mockery of Jesus’s wish that we all become one with the true Father (as per ‘The Gospel of John,' 17:21-22.) If you can connect these dots in this same manner, the architects (archons as alluded to by St. Paul,) behind the construction of THE GREAT PYRAMID, may not only be veiled in mystery, but more dangerously,
veiled in deception, a lure to attract, but within is a hook to capture!
Angel vs. Angler
While I was thinking about this cursed net, and how the symbols revolve around hunting and trapping, and how the Fallen Angels were once upon a time – good angels, I looked at the word angel, and saw that by inverting two of the letters and adding an “r.” it made an angel an angler or fisherman. A fisherman catches things by stealth, by presenting a lure, but unbeknownst to the fish who fails to see the hook, he becomes trapped, and eventually “soul-food” for the fisherman. I thought to myself: is not this what the Fallen Angels’ function is toward man, hunting him or her until he or she falls into the trap!?! As Richard pointed out in this third series, the zodiac represents just such imagery. Coincidence? Me thinks not! Did not the prophet Jeremia(h) warn the fallen away Jews that God would send “hunters” & “fishermen” to prey on them for their honoring of false gods? (CF. Jeremia 16:16-18.)
If ‘The Book of Enoch’ is correct, and there were two falls of the angels (the Watchers over men,) the first fall due to presumption as per chapter 67, and the second due to lust as per chapter 68, then mankind has been immersed in the same “net” where the angels (as anglers) are co-inhabitants – only
we do not ordinarily see them in their proper form!
This is (according to Richard & myself,) where these hunter/fishermen have been given free reign to ‘’test man to the limits.’’ In my own past writings, I call this process necessary fertilizer, where – by overcoming these angelic obstacles, man grows from a ‘’bud to a blossom,’’ and although we cannot earn heaven, per se, are given enough grace (if we rely on the Father & His Son, Jesus the Christ,) so that we will – truly – become one with Him, and live happily in peace with the Father forever; cf. Romans, chapter nine. This is my belief, and the writings of Enoch, as well as the prophets Joel, Zacharia(h), Isaia(h), Jeremia(h), Daniel, and ‘The Book of Revelation’ have been telling us likewise, if we would but heed the warnings. [Refer to the second series, “
BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE within PROPHECY” for the details of this.]
In THE GOOD BOOK it says: ”MY grace is sufficient for thee.” What comforting words. In the first epistle of John, chapter four, it states that the God within you is more powerful than the god of this world. Richard poured out his heart by examining the key parts to Psalm 91, where we are specifically shown how those who rely on the Father will not be harmed by the powers of darkness. The Beast, represented by the metaphors of Behemoth & Leviathan, which would ordinarily bring people to their collective knees, due to the might of such a powerful force arrayed against them – a force of supernatural abilites - (as analogously happened in the science fiction movie, “THE WAR OF THE WORLDS,” where only a miracle would and did save them,) so too the Father (throughout the Bible) had pleaded with His “stiff-necked people” to rely on Him and Him alone…
but they wouldst not and so, as related by the prophets, they suffered the consequences of relying on their false gods of wood and stone, being led down rabbit holes, to the allurements of promise, but in reality became the prison of destitution!
This ends the three-part series. My hope is that seriously mature Christians will take the information presented, using it in such a way that they will never be fooled by the allurements of Satan, Inc.. These have been writings of warnings
yet writings of hope. The world is full of mysteries, but by using spiritual discernment, we will always be able to see the hook within the lure , and

may peace come to ALL'' men of good will!

For further cautionary reading,'' and possible links between demons - the Moon & constellations, go to the following web page, that details a testament of the psuedepigraphic writings, such as Enoch was:


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