{This is Section I and expansion of “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT” series, dedicated to uncovering the demonic element of the Alien abduction phenomenon, as is potentially encoded in scripture, reflected by the evidence presented in this treatise.)

by Richard Stout, {{with commentary by Byron LeBeau.}}

INTRODUCTION: Richard Stout has seemingly pierced the veil of his initial explorations of the Book of Enoch, as reflected in “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT series. By diligently studying the scriptures, while being aided by scriptural dictionaries and concordances, he has uncovered the actual timeline of the curse of Canaan, and how it is intimately involved within the heretofore enigma of the UFO and ‘Alien’ Abduction Phenomenon. Richard has found coded clues within the sacred scriptural texts of firstly, Zacharia, and then supported by Joel, Revelation (especially chapter nine,) with other supporting evidence from Isaiah & Deuteronomy, with minor references to other scripture.

This six-part series should truly help in our collective understanding of the UFO phenomenon, especially as it relates to spiritual phenomenon, with the hope that it not only increases peoples’ faith and reliance

This curse of Canaan will be traced from just after THE GREAT FLOOD, and thanks to the prophet Zacharia, will be placed within a timeline that ends in our very time, which should cause some concern to those whose eyes are truly open. Added to this is revealed the probable meaning of THE VARIOUS LOCUSTS* of Revelation, chapter nine. How THE TRIBULATION will end the curse will also be explored within these six sections.

THE SOURCES USED: This will involve the following:
2) VINE’S COMPLETE EXPOSITORY DICTIONARY (VINE’S.) Any Greek word translated will always appear in parenthesis.

LASTLY, the Book of Enoch will be referenced, usually through the aforementioned work, THE BITE OF THE SERPENT series, to show how this beginning search into the connection between the so-called alien abduction phenomenon is actually, in effect, the demonic abduction phenomenon, but more importantly, how it is now being confirmed through specific canonical prophetic sources as well!

And now I am delighted to present the full notes of Richard, with only minor corrections necessary. I will comment only where I feel it is necessary to confirm some point or other, saving my own personal feelings for the end of this most important treatise.}}


[From Daniel 12:2: “Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and contempt.”]

Those who still choose to believe that which is not of God’s word and what is of false & deceiving nature even when given the truth will awake to shame and everlasting contempt – but – those who believe in God’s word to be the truth and believe and accept His Son Jesus Christ their beloved savior will awake to everlasting life. The Book of Daniel among many other books in the Bible hold prophecy truths.

“But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge, (i.e., those truths opened to us in the last days) will be spread throughout the world” (Dan 12:4.)

And Christ speaking:
“There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known” (Matt 10:6.) The truth will be known to those who accept it. {{Hopefully, what is being presented in this very treatise, is part of that very truth!}}

THE FLYING SCROLL (An Introduction):

The Flying Scroll is connected to Joel 2, Revelation 9, and Enoch. Joel 2 & Rev. 9 mention a final judgment during the TRIBULATION, which will come down upon man and is intimately connected to what we know of as the UFO phenomenon.

Joel lists, in detail, the meanings of an ongoing judgment that is connected (I believe) to the curse as presented in Zacharia 5. This curse has been here for thousands of years – since after THE GREAT FLOOD of Noah’s time. The curse explained in this section IS explaining the ongoing supernatural , deceptive & evil project which is continuously being orchestrated by the evil spirits & fallen angels, disguised as so-called “aliens” to distract us into believing that aliens do exist – BUT THEY DO NOT!!! As was cited above from Jesus’ words…that there is nothing concealed that will not be made known…(and this is one of those things, I think.)

According to the most important four verses of Zacharia, we read the following:

“I looked again – and there before me was a flying scroll. He asked me, ‘What do you see?’ I answered, ‘I see a flying scroll, thirty feet long and fifteen feet wide.’ And he said to me, ‘This is the curse that is going out over the whole land; for according to what is said on one side every thief will be banished, and according to what it says on the other, every one who swears falsely will be banished. The Lord Almighty declares, ‘I will send it out, and it will enter the house of the thief and the house of him who swears falsely by my name. It will remain in his house and destroy it, both its timbers and its stones. (5:1-4; NIV.)

The following is a breakdown that I believe, through KEY WORDS, is ‘’exactly’’ what might be happening:

We will start with the word ‘fly’ which, in general, is “to engage in flight or the act of flight; to move through the air.” The word ‘flight’, in general is “moving through the sky, atmosphere, or space; the ability to fly.”

The word ‘fly’ in Greek is (petomai.) “To fly” has a root which is seen in (pteron) & (ptereix) – “a wing.”

The wings of the LOCUSTS (Rev. 9:9) & Joel 2:5, both reflect similarities of “the wings” symbolically being in a mode of transportation. The word ‘wing’ in Greek is (pteriex.) It symbolically, according to (KJV,) is “two wings of a great eagle,” which suggests the definiteness of the action, and the “wings” indicating rapidity & protection. Another meaning is (pterugion) which is a ‘pinnacle.’

As far as we have established that this ‘scroll’ indeed does fly, we must further understand this word ‘pinnacle.’ You need to read Section III of THE BITE OF THE SERPENT series at SECTION THREE: LIGHT DWELLINGS OF THE STELLAR ORDER which may explain the type of wings used ~ only this scroll is what we call cigar-shaped which will, in fact, be added to the above-mentioned Section III. {{For those unfamiliar with Ufological lore, the “cigar-shaped” type craft have been reported often – and more regularly since the beginning of the 20th century; my father even saw one of these type craft way back in 1925, and he assured me it was not a blimp or zeppelin.}}
Moving forward, we look again at another meaning of the word ‘flight,’ which, in Greek is (klino) – “to make to bend” & is translated “turned to flight.” As we see the word ‘turn,’ it will express many important details explaining some of the ‘wings’ (or ‘scroll) characteristics. (We are using the words “scroll & wing” symbolically for the characteristics of UFOs.)
Let’s look at all of the meanings of the word ‘turn’ as it reflects in detail to UFOs:
1) To cause to move around an axis; cause to rotate or revolve.
2) Alter, and/or control the functioning of a mechanical device by the use of rotating.
3) To perform or accomplish a somersault, which is Latin (saltus, the past participle of saltre;) ‘to leap’ (Joel 2:5) as in to leap over the mountain tops.
4) To change the position of. ’Position’ is here the arrangement of its body (UFO) parts; ‘posture’: “a changing arrangement of its body.”
5) To reverse & re-sew the material of. ‘Reverse’ is transpose, while ‘sew’ is to make. The wings (UFO) makes themselves transpose which is “to transfer the order of; to put into a different order.”
So “turned to flight” possibly here means transposing itself, changing its order, arrangements, or its body shape to another in flight. {{Just as the fallen angels have the ability to ‘shape-shift,’ (Enoch 19:2) ~ so also it appears can their vehicles; on occasion, we get reports in the UFO literature of UFOs with the ‘’most peculiar’’ shapes, i.e., definitely not “designed” with aerodynamic principles in mind….}}
To cement the statement further, we look at the word ‘turn’ which, in Greek, is (anakampto, ana) or ‘back’ (kampto) “to bend;” also, see the word ‘return.’ (Metastrepho) signifies in the passive voice “to be turned,” or a change into something different. ‘Return’ in Greek (anastrepho) means “to turn back; also (anakampto) “to turn or bend back.” (There have been many UFO reports of objects changing their shapes into something else from time to time. {{I once saw a video that had captured a UFO changing – literally – into the shape of a helicopter, so I believe that this is what Richard is alluding to; I also saw an interview with a rancher (about the cattle mutilation phenomenon) who said he had witnessed the same type of camouflage; I also suspect that the secret government may have developed a “stealth-type” of ability that they have not exactly shared with the people who pay taxes, adding another layer of intrigue to this already baffling enigma, so the layers of minions working in & through the dark forces may be – shall I say: LEGION!}} So now we have a vehicle – a wing type (scrou,) which can fly and have the ability to change its shape and back again.)
We must try to understand that this is only done by supernatural powers & I don’t care how advanced the race could be. They would still be a “natural” entity and could never do most of the things found in the UFO phenomenon. THINK ABOUT IT:
1) Changing shapes of their craft
2) Changing their natural shapes – their very being
3) Being able to go through walls, where only a spirit mentioned in God’s word which is invisible as the wind could do so and NOT a living organism, to the best of our knowledge.

Think about some of the things these so-called alien creatures supposedly do, and then you may ask yourself: is this possible, even for an advanced race, keeping in mind that they are still flesh & blood!?! ARE THEY ~ or are they really spirits (evil spirits enclosed in a cloned or hybrid body to be able to co-exist with man in some way so they not only get their objective completed, but also accomplish all these things through a deceptive illusion of being aliens – to cover up their true identity?!? Could there be a better cloak of deception used? We accept them for what they seem to be, but are not, yet appearing to the whole world as they wish us to view them?
{{Thinking on this point of Richard’s, I think of St. Paul, who uses the apt expression of Satan cloaking himself as an angel of light. He compounds his insight by mentioning in Ephesians that we are NOT fighting against flesh & blood, but against the powers of darkness and wickedness from on high…which, when you think about it resembles the crowd we seem to be confronting in the so-called ‘alien abduction phenomenon.’ Whoever believes in the truth as espoused in the New Testament (Covenant,) should also be able to follow Richard’s ongoing dot connection with both the citations of Joel & Revelation, which the non-canonical Enoch seems to parallel and fill-in – and NOT JUST A LITTLE BIT!}}
Let’s now look at the word ‘scroll’ in general, as ‘a roll,’ – a rolled scroll of paper, an ancient book written on a roll of parchment or papyrus. The word ‘roll’ in Greek is (apokulio) or (apokulizo) “to roll away.” In English it means a cylinder (or perhaps a cigar-shaped flying object?)
To ‘roll’ in general means “to travel around; to wander.” Check wandering stars in THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,” Section I, Part Three.
‘Roll’ means “to revolve on an axis or by repeatedly turning.” The Latin is (rotula,) a diminutive of rota, “a wheel.” (UFO?) as in to travel around, “over the whole land” (Zach 5:3.)
The word ‘away’ which follows the words ‘to roll’ in Greek is the verb (airo.) Its meanings are to ‘seize lift up & to take away.’ It also implies a forcible removal. (Seize means to kidnap, and kidnap means to abduct;) the dictionary says to also see the word ‘bear’ (as 9th meaning of VINES.) In Greek the word seize (sullambano) literally means “to take together!” It signifies “to seize as a prisoner.” (Refer to “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,” located at SECTION FOUR: THE DOMICILES OF THE FALLEN ONES

“Bear’ is (airo) in Greek which means “to raise up, to lift, to take upon one’s self and carry what has been raised ‘physically’ (as in the abductee?) It also means that it is “applied to the mind, to suspend, to keep in suspense.” (‘Suspend’ means to render temporarily ineffective or to paralyze!) {{The above is alluded to in subsequent sections regarding Joel & Revelation.}}
ONE POINT OF INTEREST: At the end of the meanings of the word ‘bear,’ it says to see the word ‘begat’ (apokeico) which means “to give birth, to bring forth’” from (kuco) meaning “to be pregnant.” The word ‘begat’ also has a meaning in Greek of (ektroma) which denotes “an abortion, an untimely birth,” from (ektitrosko) “to miscarry.”
So the word ‘begat’ has the implied meanings dealing with the abduction scenario of the possible implantation of a living organism, and then to extract that organism (the fetus) after the chosen amount of time. (Read the link that thoroughly deals with Enoch 68:18, found at SECTION I: THE BITE OF THE SERPENT

The word ‘begat’ has one more meaning here (anagennao) or (ana) which means “is again or from above.” (UFOs? Aliens? I don’t think so! It sounds rather like evil spirits and fallen angels, which seems more appropriate with the connotation being suggested.)
So far it seems we have a flying scroll (cylinder cigar-shaped object) that travels across the whole land. ‘Land’ in Greek (ge) means “whole land;” see earth. ‘Earth’ in Greek (ge) means the earth as a whole or the world. So as it travels throughout the world, it seems to have the ability to change shapes in flight, and also seems by the “curse” an agenda – including abduction, implantation of the fetus, and the extraction of same, i.e., a forcible removal of the fertilized egg.
According to Zacharia, ‘the cylinder’ “is thirty feet long and fifteen feet wide.” (5:3; NIV) What do these dimensions mean? They apparently carry a coded message. Firstly, we look at the word ‘thirty’ other than just meaning the number. It also carries a meaning that is very insightful. The meaning has “an indication of the end of a story.” The word ‘story’ here may not just represent the whole of a scripture from Genesis to Revelation, but also the beginning of the curse (of Canaan) to its conclusion. [The Canaan curse will be explained more in detail shortly.] The word ‘indication’ in general means “serves as an indicator –but – an indicator of what?
The number fifteen here is half of thirty. Half in Greek is (hemisus) and as a noun means ‘a time.’ If we also took the word ‘wide’ it also tells us as “being at a certain distance from a desired goal or point.”
So the word thirty is an ‘indicator’ of fifteen which is an exact point in time: ‘half-way from ‘wide’ – a desired goal. (In my opinion, it would conclude in Revelation 9 as the judgment of the LOCUSTS, which will be addressed in a subsequent section.)
If Zacharia perhaps represents a type of midpoint in time for this curse, (discussed more fully below,) when did it begin and possibly when will it end? Zacharia was written sometime between 470 to 520 B.C., so roughly 500 B.C. If we go ahead to our time, that would be approximately 2500 years. Now if you subtract the 2500 from 500 years before Christ, you will get approximately 3000 B.C.
Why is this then significant? 3000 B.C. arrives approximately at the period of the GREAT FLOOD. In Gen 9:25 (NIV,) Noah says, “Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers.” But why is this curse important? A curse was to begin with Canaan’s bloodline. This was to happen after the GREAT FLOOD, when life began then to multiply.
{{Before we go any further, I would like to interject two items from my own research: firstly, an item that deals with this number 15 plus the number 30. WITNESS another citation from scripture that deals with these very numbers:
On the "15" & the "30" symbolism in the Old Testament, as per Craig Winn's observation and citation, below:
(SETTING THE OPENING SCENE as below so illustrates:)
Gomer, however, was now owned by the temple priests of Baal. "So I bartered (karah - traded, exchanged money and bought) her for me for fifteen pieces of silver and fifteen bushels of barley. I said unto her, ‘You shall live (yasab -dwell, endure, stay) with me many days (rab Yom - an exceedingly long time). You shall no longer be an unfaithful prostitute, and you shall have no other man; for I am indeed tying old and new together and expressing a relational agreement (gam) with regard to and concerning (el) you.?" (Hosea 3:2-3) According to historians, this bartered fee was the going rate at the time to buy someone out of slavery so as to offer them their freedom. It is a lovely picture of our salvation as we are "bought," literally redeemed, from the marketplace of sin. And it’s interesting that the thirty cumulative units of silver and barley is equivalent to the thirty pieces of silver for which Judas betrayed Yeshuah.

{{Now I found this curious, since I just read about this after Richard had mentioned to me about the flying scroll & the measurements of 15 & 30, and the possibility that this represented some paramenter relating to the beginning, middle and end of the curse, that will be specifically shown to possibly coincide with our current problem of the demonic abduction phenomenon; I found it even more curious that these were the same numbers (as in Hosea above) that represented “buying back” unfaithful servants, since they could not earn it themselves…so they would be “uncursed” if I can use that expression. To add to this mixed metaphor, the number 30 was itself a cursed number because it had to do with the amount of silver Judas got for betraying Jesus in the New Testament. So it seems that the numbers 15 & 30 show two sides of the coin of cursing and uncursing, or it may just be a coincidence.

As far as the dating of THE GREAT FLOOD goes, I found confirmation about the approximate accuracy of the 3000 B.C. date. WITNESS:

As an interesting note, we know for certain that a flood of biblical proportions occurred five thousand years ago (around 3000 BCE) in the region where the men created in God’s image (with a nesamah/conscience in addition to a nepesh/soul or consciousness) were said to have lived. Yahuweh told us that Eden was at the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, near the Black Sea, and that Adam’s and Chavah’s children ultimately formed the civilizations east and south of the Garden including: Babylon, Assyria, and Sumer. Archeologists have found cities 200 feet below the current shores of the Black Sea and a twelve foot thick layer of silt and mud was laid down all at once in Mesopotamia, precisely when the oldest Scriptural texts said the flood occurred

From link:

Craig Winn seems to be an accurate and excellent ‘lay-scholar’ when it comes to details surrounding the Old Testament, which he insists on calling a “Covenant,” so Richard’s timeline seems to be corroborated. Now let us return to Richard’s treatise.}}

Before the GREAT FLOOD of Gen. 6:6 (NIV,) “When man began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw the daughters of men were beautiful and they married any of them they chose. The Nephilim were on earth in those days—and also afterwards—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.”

The ‘sons of God’ in Job 1:6 & 2:1 was a phrase used for angelic or non-human beings. These were the Fallen Angels mentioned in the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, chapter 7. The Nephilim which were the offspring of this union is translated as giants in the KJV, and the New King James Version of the Bible. These ‘giants’ before the Flood were the product of Fallen Angels and the daughters of men.

The post Flood giants were an intervention of the evil forces between men & women. We see the words mentioned earlier—“and also afterward”—meaning that they will return again. Their return began in the bloodline of Canaan. Canaan was the father of the Amorites, one of many tribes of offspring (Gen. 10:15-16.) The Amorites were a tribe of giants but the name also stood as an example of a (class) of giant, of which several different tribes existed. Other tribes included the Rephaim, and known as Emim (Deut. 2:11) and the Zamzummim (Deut. 2:20.) King Og of Bashan (Deut. 3:11) was the king of the Amorites and last of these giants. There was also the Anakim (Deut. 1:28, 2:10,11 & Josh. 14:12,15.)

The ‘curse’ spoken of in Zacharia 5 is, I believe, the beginning of the birth of the tribes in Canaan’s bloodline after the Flood. As was before the Flood, interaction from above (Fallen Angels) which created the Nephilim was also there after the Flood, but because God put an end to the ability of the Fallen Angels having direct human contact (intercourse,) these post-Flood giants had to be brought forth in another fashion.

The spirits of the Nephilim which became the earth-bound evil spirits came forth from the primary foundation of giants which existed before the Flood and by a judgment of God, killed each other off before the Flood. This proclivity, which then continued after the Flood, now, not only by the Fallen Angels (many who fathered the Nephilim before the Flood,) were thrown into ‘middle earth,’--the abyss, by God as their judgment, but many other Fallen Angels remain, who together with earth-bound evil spirits, (the Nephilim,) have and use the method of human abduction as we know of it today, reflected in the UFO abduction phenomenon. It is through this method of abduction (as the curse,) that seems to reflect how the post-Flood giants originated.

Instead of direct contact (intercourse) with the daughters of men, the method changed to the abduction of the people needed, employing supernatural power. They take the needed DNA tissue through the donors used, the selected sperm donors, & impregnate the sperm with the evil mixture needed. More than likely, it includes their own tissue types, which then were implanted into the woman’s fetus. This then creates the hybrid organism they seek for their own nefarious uses. .

Times have changed since the Post Flood Giants. They were the beginning of the whole abduction project.

I believe that after the Post flood Giants were killed or died off, there was a temporary lull – in the abductions…Then, as we find out from Zacharia 5, where the Lord Almighty declares that He will send out this scroll As will be mentioned in the forthcoming sections of the four LOCUSTS’ types, as per the prophet Joel as well as in Revelation, this curse manifests and intensifies to a horrific state! It becomes the full-fledged invasion. Yet, as stated also in Joel, chapter 2, this curse has been an ongoing judgment, albeit escalating during the end-age period, {{i.e., most-likely, NOW, since the fig leaves seem to be ripening!}}

The Bible also mentions what is going to happen to those evil spirits and fallen angels who have carried out this curse from its inception. In the below link, I had written that they are symbolic of the UFO, and the so-called “aliens” which have so deceived us over the centuries. They are, by judgment GOING DOWN! CF.

As per Isaiah 34:4 (NIV): “All the stars of the heavens will be dissolved and the sky rolled up like a scroll; all the starry hosts will fall like withered leaves from the vine, like shriveled figs from the fig tree.” ((Of course Richard is referring to the “wandering stars” (as angels) that Jude referred to in his epistle, which further had put the exclamation point on the accuracy of the Book of Enoch written so long ago!}}

The word star is symbolic of angels (Job 38:7,) as morning stars singing, as well as Revelation 8:10-11, & 9:1-2; it is also mentioned in the Book of Enoch where Enoch actually equated angels with stars. “Heavens” is the sky-atmosphere. The word ‘dissolved’ in Greek (katatuo) says to see the word “destroy’ (5th meaning) which reflects “to be taken down; to overthrow.” The sky rolled-up is like a scroll “removed” The “starry hosts” are the evil spirits & fallen angels playing out the UFO “FAÇADE SHOW.” The word ‘fall’ means “to be destroyed.”

The word ‘whither’ in general has an appropriate meaning here which is “to render incapable of action.” So it seems the UFO phenomenon played out by evil spirits & fallen angels are to be ostensibly taken out of action & destroyed when our savior Jesus Christ returns at the close of the TRIBULATION period. ((This has often been referred to as the Day of the Lord, where there will be a total accountability for all who have had some allegiance with “SATAN, INC.”}}

Now continuing with the word ‘thief,’ in Greek (kleptes,) it literally & metaphorically means of ‘false teachers’ (John 10:8.) ‘Teacher’ in Greek (pseudodidaskalos,) alludes to a “false teacher” & occurs in the plural in 2 Peter 2:1. False’ (pseudes) “of false witnesses” is reflected in ACTS 6:13 & “false apostles” in Rev. 2:2 (KJV.) It appears as “liars” in Rev. 21:8; also (pseudonumos) are those who are “under a false name” & are deceiving religions & (pseudos) “a falsehood.”
The above is certainly one group of people who will be afflicted by this curse…the one which originated with Noah’s curse on his grandson Canaan {{for the abhorrent act of Noah’s son, Ham; one interpretation to explain the dynamics of this story was attempted by a Rev. Richard Gan, and you can read this fascinating account where Gan uses Biblical references to put forward his argument at the web page located at :
The name of the web page is called, SATAN’S SEED explored, but I cannot endorse this interpretation, although it does seem to fit the facts of the accursed bloodline of Canaan, a bloodline that features the notorious NIMROD.}}
Besides this group, there are those who swear falsely, with the meanings above connected to the word ‘swear.’
We now look at the word ‘swear’ in Greek as (omnumi) which is used as “affirming or denying by an oath.” The word ‘oath’ (anathematizo) as per ACTS 23:21 (KJV,) reflects “having bound (themselves) with an oath;” see curse. The word ‘curse’ here has a meaning of describing this curse. In Greek we have (katathema) which denotes by metonymy, “an accused thing.” (The object ‘cursed’ being used for the ‘curse’ means “
that which is the flying scroll” (or, shall we say ‘’the cigar-shaped object’’?) {{It certainly is beginning to look by this point that Richard may be ~ in some respect ~ cracking this scriptural code while unmasking the UFO menacing plague on humanity…but that’s just me!}}
If we look at the word ‘swear’ in general, it also states, “to declare or affirm by invoking a deity or a person or thing.” What group of people could this be? The word ‘affirm’ is to declare firmly to be true.
Leaving the question aside for a second, furthermore we find that “to support the confirmation and to uphold” is that which you believe to be true, even if it is false. The word ‘invoke’ is to “call on a higher power for assistance, support, inspiration,” or to summon with incantations – conjure. (What higher power?) If you are not in God’s word, and not heeding His warnings regarding evil uses and deceptions mentioned in the Biblical scriptures, then who are you calling upon and who then is answering you? God cannot go against His own nature, so if in scripture it warns you against the very same things you practice and share with others, who is accepting your call? Are they evil spirits…fallen angels, or perhaps Satan himself! {{From all that we have examined heretofore, it would seem so….}}
An ‘incantation’ is the use of charms or spells, an utterance repeated without thought. To ‘conjure’ is to summon a supernatural force, to influence or affect by or as if by magic. It also means “to call or bring to mind or evoke.” To ‘evoke’ is to call to mind by naming, citing, or suggestion (a form of hypnotism;) to ‘summon’ is a “request to appear, to send for, to call forth.”
Look at the meaning of the word ‘medium,’ (a person thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or agents of another world or dimension.) Read the below “BITE OF THE SERPENT” link for details as to what to be very careful of:
SHOW & TELL: A hard-hitting calling a spade a spade essay about
occult experiences.

For all of those people who claim to have a special power from God, I urge you to read this above link very carefully, since your
true allegiance may depend on it. {{REMEMBER: being damned is simply being separated from God, which is bad enough…and if one chooses to be part of the ‘SATANIC COMMUNIQUE’ well, it does not take a genius to figure out what God may think of this, especially since He made such a big point of this kind of conduct while giving the TEN COMMANDMENTS to His servant Moses; then there is the not-so-small matter of the NON-FORGIVENESS OF THE ANGELS for transgressing the laws set up by this very God, as outlined in The Book of Enoch.}}
I REPEAT A KEY SCRIPTURAL CITATION: “It will enter the house of the thief and the house of him who swears falsely by my name. It will remain in his house and destroy it, both its timbers and its stones” (Zach, 5:4; (NIV.)
The word ‘house’ in Greek is (oikos) which means ‘a house’ or ‘a dwelling.’ Literally, it seems that these evil agencies
do go into your house and abduct you. Interestingly enough, ‘house’ also means ‘’the dwelling place of the soul’’ (within your body) as per 2 Cor. 5:1. {{When Richard reminded me of this scripture, the demonic abduction phenomenon took on another nuance of reality!}} The evil within this curse will not only destroy your physical body but your spiritual body as well…
Timbers has the meaning in general here of a quality suited for above. It is a person “considered to have qualities suited for a particular activity.” Those activities used and possessed by these people that are not Godly, the activities of which the Bible condemns, the activities for which the ‘thief’ and those who ‘swear falsely’ possess. IT IS THEY ON WHICH THE CURSE FALLS!
If we look at Gen. 9:25, we find that Canaan is cursed! This is fully discussed in the section of Zacharia 5, regarding “the flying scroll.” In the NIV Life & Spirit Bible, the Bible note for Gen. 9:25 states the following:
“The curse indicated that the Canaanites (who were not black) would be oppressed and under the (control of other “nations”-) to contrast Shem & Japheth’s descendents (Noah’s sons) other than Ham, who would be blessed by God. This prophecy of Noah was conditional for all concerned. Any descendants of Canaan who turned to God would also receive the blessings bestowed upon Shem & Japheth, but while any descendants of Shem & Japheth who departed from God would experience the “curse” bestowed on Canaan. {{[BTW: Out of the house of Shem, the house of David would come to fruition, and from David’s son (Nathan) would spring the savior ‘’through the virgin Mary; this is the reason that there were two lineages traced, one through Matthew (of Joseph,) and one through Luke (of Mary.]}}
curse HISTORICALLY? If you go to my web page called THE GIANTS OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND ELSEWHERE, you will:
Steven Quayle documents ancient historical sources of “fierce giants” (the mighty men of renown in real history?) and indicative that some of the sons of Noah did not possibly make the right Godly choices, since giants crept up in their bloodlines (reflecting the curse)…and Quayle makes a point to mention that these giants were not the giants that suffer from “GIANTISM” with genetic defects, where they become weaker not stronger; no, instead these ancient giants who emigrated from the Middle East were
the real McCoy, and what’s worse, they continued on even into more recent history! His book, “Genesis 6 GIANTS” is very interesting ostensible evidence for the reality of REAL giants, large-mighty & for all we know – left over from the slaughter in the recorded scripture by Joshua & Co., after the FLOOD, and well documented in the Book of Numbers & the Book of Joshua, not to mention the Book of Jashar, which fills in some of the details not mentioned in the Book of Joshua, but was mentioned as having these details (10:13.)}}
Richard continues by making a point about the word “nations” which has another meaning
that can be connected to the curse! The word “nation” connects to that part of the curse that involves the ‘’abduction portion.’’ It also means in Greek (genos) – a race; see kind. ‘Kind’ in Greek (genos) is “an offspring” (which connects to the abduction part by being the final objective of the implantation, by and through these evil spirits.) (Allophulos) is ‘foreign’ or “of another race.” (In this case it would suggest evil spirits and fallen angels, who would deceive us into believing they were an alien race from “above.”) {{Again, if you were to read Michael Heiser’s THE FAÇADE, all of this alien vs. demonic dynamic may start to fall neatly into place, having gone through Richard’s exercises of scriptural code-breaking, using naught but God’s inspired prophets of old! In short, the FAÇADE will fall like scales from your eyes.}}
So the word ‘nations’ as in the “control of other nations” could reflect that nation (or the race of false aliens) WHO ARE Satan’s evil agencies that keep under control those people (abductees) that they choose. {{THIS IS A FRIGHTENING PROSPECT, BUT ONE THAT CANNOT BE SIMPLY DISMISSED BECAUSE IT IS INCONVENIENT TO THINK ABOUT, or because many Ufologists do not wish to entertain its implied possibility, or because your local church does not wish to “push the envelope” when it comes to this sensitive subject. SOMEONE HAS TO DO THE DIRTY WORK AND CALL A SPADE A SPADE!}}
In Deut. 28:16,18 & 19, it mentions certain curses, among others, which would come upon Moses’ people as consequences for turning away from God. I believe this is also true today - for all of us! The Bible note for 28:15 within the NIV Life & Spirit states the following:
“Moses prophesied the consequences of turning away from God: chastisement, destruction, great sorrow, captivity & dispersion among the nations.” {{As any Bible student knows, this “diaspora” started around 70 C.E., and continues to this day, while the nation of Israel ostensibly was reborn in 1948, which may, indeed, be a triggering of the last generation before the great TRIBULATION.}}
Several of these curses, I feel, impact upon the UFO phenomenon; for instance, in Deut. 28:16 (NIV) it says: “You will be cursed in the city and cursed in the country.” (People are abducted in both, so, in other words, there is NO PLACE YOU CAN GO TO HIDE FROM THESE ABDUCTORS!) {{A curse is a mark – like the curse upon Cain – and it seems that abductees have been marked in some way, and I have read that many of these abductees will attest to this very dynamic, since when their abductors want them, they can even come through the walls for them, and the government simply looks the other way, or locks these poor unfortunates away in “mental institutions” for being – what they can only diagnose as crazy for touching on such “bizarre” topics. So when Deuteronomy says that it will cause both “great sorrow & captivity,” it brings NEW MEANING to the poor abductee sitting within a loony-bin with his or her fellow inmates!}}

Latin for the word ‘fruit’ is (progenies < progignere) – “to beget.” The word ‘beget’ in Greek has a meaning of (anagennao) where ‘ana’ means “again, or from above.” ‘Above’ is a connection with the angelic beings, like evil agencies who portray themselves as aliens; also (aktroma) denotes “an abortion; an untimely birth.” See again the below link for an explanation of Enoch 68:18, which discusses the abortion as a visit, and the fetus is taken; the untimely birth is the abduction where the female abductee is implanted with the living organism; go to SECTION I: THE BITE OF THE SERPENT PT. ONE for the details.
Of course the word ‘calves’ mean (cows & bulls.) Lo & behold the cattle are cursed in Deuteronomy as well. (MUTILATIONS?) In 28:18, it specifically includes the curses for
not only the wombs of women - but also the production of livestock, (i.e., cattle.)
IN VERSE 19: “You will be cursed when you go in & cursed when you go out.” In other words, these abductions will & do happen indoors & outdoors, in the city or the country, and “all over the land as is punctuated in Zacharia 5:3 – outside! And (5:4,) “the house” which, of course, is INSIDE!
THE EXACT QUOTE FROM DEUT. 28:18 bears emphasizing:
“The fruit of your womb will be cursed, and the crops of your land, and the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.” These things were introduced in “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,” and may bear a re-reading, especially after this prophetic expansion….
The word ‘fruit’ in general means ‘offspring’ or ‘progeny.’ The word ‘progeny’ is in general “One born or derived from another” (i.e., the evil spirits & fallen angels as “alien” beings;) also it denotes the “result of creative effort.” (Finally, in conclusion of this section, the whole workings of the abduction sequence involve all the assets needed to make it work.)
{{For anyone who had read “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT” series, the above-cited curses were not only alluded to, but also shown how they were intimately connected within the agenda of the demonic abduction phenomenon!
THIS ENDS SECTION ONE. The next section is entitled:
BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE, Section II,** with the subtitle: Introduction to Joel & Revelation in Comparison.}}

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